Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Week.

Well Monday is here, yay, but is it really Monday or a second Sunday . Wake up early people started showing up in the warehouse lot where we parked, eat breakfast head to the bucks get my coffee/wifi on find an interesting job add "Guys Needed for Gangbang Scene pays $50 bucks" hmm why not so I made $50 in a hotel room next to Disneyland with a Mickey Mouse wallpaper border, be on the lookout for my Porn debut. Slow day Slept at Wal-mart for the first time since I hit the road. Tuesday we got up and decided to head to Venice to check the mail, no fucking package!!!! as we cruised the boardwalk watching the basketball players, medical pot peddlers, and skaters, Ken received a phone call from the catering company, he got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for him, but this raised more questions then answers as now that he was employed we needed to get him into a shelter where we could shower daily and sleep without fear of me moving the van to Oregon in the middle of the night. We researched shelters and found one, yesterday I left my roaddog at a shelter, It has been 26 hours and I have yet to hear from him so, I hope he is alright and not being used as a sex toy for homeless, crackhead junkies, or if he is I hope he is at least enjoying it. Now I am alone and the fear, boredom, depression, anxiety, loneliness, are starting to set in.

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