Sunday, May 29, 2011

It takes patience in this time of Now!

Its sunday so today I go shopping and do my laundry, I have spent too much on food again, mostly because lack of refrigeration mean instead of getting for ears of corn for a dollar I have to buy canned goods at 89 cents I need to figure out how to get a fridge into the van, and I also have been buying supplements, and meal replacement bars/powders because sometime in the next 7 days I will be sent to work my campground, and driving 40 miles to get some groceries should be a once a month thing. Why does a meal replacement bar cost more than a meal?? Thats like charging bicyclists for using the road. Anyway snowed last night, cold as shit. The laundromat is ok a bunch of people staring at big metal boxes like they are some supreme being, but they got wi-fi and I can download some movies and type this. I am not much on goals, but I have set one. Its so pathetic to even mention, but I turn 30 in 2 months and my goal is to have a date for my 30th birthday, last year on my birthday I received a 450 dollar ticket from the city of Georgetown while Ludevig was past out in the back seat, To accomplish this goal I have enlisted the help of Eharmony,,, and yes even I am even thinking about changing my sexual orentation to simply "living" wish me luck in my journey, And if you have a single cousin, sister, friend, mother, grandmother, grandfather, housecat, crackwhore that lives down on the street, and can get them to Logan let me know.


  1. Shouldn't you be in church, today? You know... instead of stealing movies. Just kidding..

    Who needs a refrigerator with all that snow.

    Best wishes for your bday! I know you'll find someone worthy.

  2. I can send a couple of tweekers up from dirtville, if need be!

    Just kidding! I think you're in a great place, mentally and geographically, with whom you can spend your birthday (and more!)

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

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