Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Culture Shock

After spending my Summer in Logan, Ut. I am finding myself in a state of culture shock upon returning to the organized world. It is weird to see other people smoking in public and not getting a wierd look at the store. It is also weird to so people drinking in public again. Kansas is by far not the most cultural place, but compared o Logan its insane. I have made both a gay and black friend, so thats kinda nice. I am though in an RV park about 6 miles from town but that is still  not at isolated as before. I have gotten into a nice routine of gym, groceries work and I am enjoying my time. There are some younger people a work, but I have yet to make a connection, I feel as though I am seriously lacking in social skills, being alone for such a long period of time I am finding it harder to adjust to being "human". The use of basic manners has left me as my more animalistic side took over fo months, I find it hard to use eating utensils and become self conscious when eating because in the van I eat make a mess and then clean myself up. I am a work in progress but maybe I can become human again. I hope so at least.