Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So far, Not so good.

Well I got here a week ago tomorrow and things have not been very good, yet. First as I got all dressed up and went to work on Sunday for what was to be my first day, I was regretfully made aware of the fact that my background check has not come back (which I cannot understand, my paperwork was submitted in June someone  seriously sandbagged on this) and I would not be able to start but maybe Wed. SO, today being Wed I was hoping to start my job, but as orentation started at 8am and I did get a call about my check until 10am I won't be able to start until Sunday (my original start date, they asked me to come early so I left the campground 2 weeks early). Not only am I out those 2 weeks pay, but I as I have not started yet am responsible for my 1st week of the RV park a total of $126.00, which in my world is 4 weeks of groceries, but what am I supposed to do.
                    My dish network was not working, so I call them and they can not use there free dish mover service because I am in an RV, they refer to a guy, I call him he makes no mention of money and he agrees to come out, and help me fine tune my dish, takes about 5 minutes and then dispite have dish free mover service and dish protection service he informs me I owe him $45.00, two more weeks of groceries, but what am I gonna do. So, I had $200.00 for about 6 weeks of food and it has all vanished, but what am I gonna do, so without making dollar one, am digging into my savings, starting to worry about my survival for the next few months. I need to start this job one week of work will make up for everything. I need protein powder and I wanted to use my savings for that,oh well. Also, my motorcycle blow up on my way to town the other day, after walking 6 miles back to the campground I reluctantly got the van and picked it up, So last Wednesday I was unceremoniously booted from a friends life, and since I have lost my bike and my grocery money what is going on in this world. Now I have to drive to the gym everyday to take a shower, so much for getting comfortable and because I have to go to them gym to take a shower I can no longer move my legs or arms.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We are Kansas any more

Well I unceremoniously got the boot from Minnesota, you know that 8am be gone before I get out of the shower talk, well it was actually "before I finish this cereal the sight of you makes me sick". Anyway I hit the road rather unprepared I was hoping to pick-up a mini fridge and space heater off of "the list" before I rolled, that did not happen, oh well I will make do. I hit the road heading south and soon arrived in Iowa, I must say the rest areas in this part of the country are great indoors, bathrooms, hot coffee machines, free Wi-Fi and dump stations. I stopped in a little town called Ames,( north of Des Moines) and ventured into Ames Powersports to get a new plug, light and 2 stroke oil, this by far was the best bike shop I have ever visited the gentleman behind the counter knew where everything was without a bunch of info and was very friendly if you are ever in Iowa I recommend a stop. I moved on and was soon into Kansas, oops I skipped Missouri not much to see on that side of the state. I made into Kansas and was a little tired so I stopped at the wal-mart, after a week of sleeping in someone else's house it felt real good to sleep in the van, I know I must be crazy to choose a van over a nice apartment right, well then I guess I am. I rather enjoy curling up into my own bed and listening to the sounds of passing cars soothing me to deep sleep.  I woke up this morning and after a stop at Sonic (Lo-cal Diet Cherry Limeades Are the shit)

I arrived at my RV park. Now I knew this was a new park but I thought it might be better. I find that the shower house isn't done, no bathrooms either, and because I am just in a van they want to put in some dark corner because I don't need more hookups other than an extension cord.  Thats all fine by me, so because I so abruptly left Minnesota all I wanted was a shower, I had dark dusturbing fantasies about soap and shampoo all day. I ventured into town to find the gym, sign up and take a shower, but in this town there is one gym and no one works there, well there are hours on the door,but no one inside,  I call the number that is on the door that says "call we can be here in 15 mins" and the lady says I can meet you tomorrow, so  no shower today. So I head back to my site get unpacked and lay in wait for a big day tomorrow,  ordered some dope off the web, failed to get my satellite set-up, and now I am goin to go to sleep. I start work in 2 days it should be exciting!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Target Field

Went to a ballgame on Saturday it was nice because I got to use the bus and train and see a new stadium. While it is nice and new it has yet to gain personality the Metrodome had these dangerous steps and places to get lost. Well I did get lost they seem to make a good deal of signs showing you how to get to your section but not so many on hw to get out of the stadium, so after the 7th inning i stood up and started walking around next thing I know I am in some lonely corridor lost wondering though press boxes and because I appear to be a homeless man no one ever offers to help, thats when I decided to shave. Sorry about the randomness

Not Ready to Go

Well today is the day I should be leaving Minnesota, but it is a little drizzly and I don't wanna drive in the rain. Also, I really don't want to leave just yet, Its not that it has been an overly fun time or underly, either it has just been time..I have been actively looking for a trailer, but to no avail and I think I am going to table that Idea once again, what do I need it for?? My next site has showers and power hookups so I can grab a minifridge and I am good. Plus I plan on going to Mexico for awhile after 2012 starts so I don't wanna leave a trailer at my moms house. Knowing her she will rent it out to some drunk while I am gone. So I am sitting here wondering why I am sitting here and know that I have talked myself into saving cash by not buyin a trailer I am going to order some chinese. Oh yeah got my twitter setup again so if you want to know what I think of about without a filter follow me @theDavidDrifter

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Political Rant of The Week

As I was driving though South Dakota I noticed some billboards for pro-life causes and it seems like these billboards are an effort of a one sided war, the opposite side of the issue has no dog in the fight, you never see pro-choice billboards or easy cheap abortion ads. So, i got thinking what would these billboards be like if the clinics advertised. Here are some Ideas please feel free to be offended, that's your choice.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Like Sand through the Hourglass this is my day in WHYoming

So I stayed at a city park last night and woke real early and hit the road. I let my gps choose the route as the shortest one and as soon as I turned off the highway I thought of the line from Road Trip , "if a shortcut were easy, it would be called the way" but I was on a county road as both the GPS and the signs assured me. I soon became aware that they don't pave county roads in Wyoming so after about 60 miles through some gorgeous unpaved  grassland road, in which I got to see my first Antelopes and a bunch of cows, I blow out my rear tire, and the van is not equipped with a spare ( I needed room for the satellite dish). I phone my nearest triple A, but as I am in the middle of nowhere I could not inform them as to where I was, exactly. My tow truck driver soon phoned me after a series of phone calls and neither of us knowing where I was. I unload the motorcycle and start going foward on the road, Luckily I find some construction workers and I am no longer lost in the middle of Wyoming. I bought a used tire and headed on the road. Now as I am heading down the road I hear a pounding on the roof Uh-oh my solar panel is flapping and then it was gone. I am now out of Wyoming sitting in a bucks just outside of Mount Rushmore (that place is Beautiful and the patriotism brought a tear to my eye).  More on that another day, Time to visit FREECAMPSITES.NET and find a place to crash.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the Road Again

frefreWell Today I hit the road, I am heading east towards Minnesota then to Kansas to work for Amazon. So as I roll out it finally hits me that Bella is gone, and I am on the road alone. I am going though South Dakota so I am considering while I am in the state I can change everything over. But first I must visit and find a spot to stay tonight you all should do the same.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Time has come to End this nightmare

I have been given an early release and should be heading out next Tuesday. I think I will head to Mt Rushmore and Minnesota, I got some apologies to make and I want to check out the new ballpark. This summer has been fun and I have come to appreciate people more than ever, I love this pace as well as dislike it immensely, I will miss Logan, but I have been there done that. Its time to hit the road if only for 10 days before My next stop.

My Disease as an outsider Looking in

I couple weeks ago, I got  watch my disease in action as I was invited to join a family for dinner and drinks. I watched the painful disintegration of a family though an outsiders eyes, as alcohol turned a seemingly nice person into a monster berating her children and spewing venom. It is a terrible thing to witness, but I am glad to have watched it because sometimes I forget about the hypnotic effect. For every party where everyone is smiling, there is the one where everyone is crying. I also spent some time watching another group's weekend turn from an amazing trip to just sitting around as one co-dependent  cleans up after a stumbling squirrel. I am currently not sober but close to it, I am aware of myself and I struggle on, it is hard to say no but easy not to buy in.