Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So far, Not so good.

Well I got here a week ago tomorrow and things have not been very good, yet. First as I got all dressed up and went to work on Sunday for what was to be my first day, I was regretfully made aware of the fact that my background check has not come back (which I cannot understand, my paperwork was submitted in June someone  seriously sandbagged on this) and I would not be able to start but maybe Wed. SO, today being Wed I was hoping to start my job, but as orentation started at 8am and I did get a call about my check until 10am I won't be able to start until Sunday (my original start date, they asked me to come early so I left the campground 2 weeks early). Not only am I out those 2 weeks pay, but I as I have not started yet am responsible for my 1st week of the RV park a total of $126.00, which in my world is 4 weeks of groceries, but what am I supposed to do.
                    My dish network was not working, so I call them and they can not use there free dish mover service because I am in an RV, they refer to a guy, I call him he makes no mention of money and he agrees to come out, and help me fine tune my dish, takes about 5 minutes and then dispite have dish free mover service and dish protection service he informs me I owe him $45.00, two more weeks of groceries, but what am I gonna do. So, I had $200.00 for about 6 weeks of food and it has all vanished, but what am I gonna do, so without making dollar one, am digging into my savings, starting to worry about my survival for the next few months. I need to start this job one week of work will make up for everything. I need protein powder and I wanted to use my savings for that,oh well. Also, my motorcycle blow up on my way to town the other day, after walking 6 miles back to the campground I reluctantly got the van and picked it up, So last Wednesday I was unceremoniously booted from a friends life, and since I have lost my bike and my grocery money what is going on in this world. Now I have to drive to the gym everyday to take a shower, so much for getting comfortable and because I have to go to them gym to take a shower I can no longer move my legs or arms.

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