Monday, September 12, 2011

Like Sand through the Hourglass this is my day in WHYoming

So I stayed at a city park last night and woke real early and hit the road. I let my gps choose the route as the shortest one and as soon as I turned off the highway I thought of the line from Road Trip , "if a shortcut were easy, it would be called the way" but I was on a county road as both the GPS and the signs assured me. I soon became aware that they don't pave county roads in Wyoming so after about 60 miles through some gorgeous unpaved  grassland road, in which I got to see my first Antelopes and a bunch of cows, I blow out my rear tire, and the van is not equipped with a spare ( I needed room for the satellite dish). I phone my nearest triple A, but as I am in the middle of nowhere I could not inform them as to where I was, exactly. My tow truck driver soon phoned me after a series of phone calls and neither of us knowing where I was. I unload the motorcycle and start going foward on the road, Luckily I find some construction workers and I am no longer lost in the middle of Wyoming. I bought a used tire and headed on the road. Now as I am heading down the road I hear a pounding on the roof Uh-oh my solar panel is flapping and then it was gone. I am now out of Wyoming sitting in a bucks just outside of Mount Rushmore (that place is Beautiful and the patriotism brought a tear to my eye).  More on that another day, Time to visit FREECAMPSITES.NET and find a place to crash.

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