Monday, May 30, 2011

3 days, 4 stores and 3 trips to best buy

Well yesterday I made the leap into a digital reader, I bought the android (we all know I love anything to with roids) based Pandigital Novel, It reads both nook and kindle books, has web browser, facebook, and I have already added about 75 free books to it and just in time because sometime this week I will be opening my site, without potable water, but nevertheless open. With opening come the 25 mile trek to town to take care of things, which will be most likely once a month unless I hitchhike down because driving that far sucks. I will not be posting, so read the old blogs and laugh, and cry. I plan on writing still and flooding the page with blogs, but today I have a gripe I have only a couple days of short drives left and the playstation store is down, how is it the one day I want to get a new game and some new comic books the playstation store is down oh well I guess I'll pay the same games. Started my summer liquid diet today, a little on edge, but feeling great. I hope the rain leaves soon and the skys open to sunshine i walked 3 miles today and my boots are soaked it seems as though all this rain has destroyed the waterproofing. Anyway to my site I go so now you can come visit.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It takes patience in this time of Now!

Its sunday so today I go shopping and do my laundry, I have spent too much on food again, mostly because lack of refrigeration mean instead of getting for ears of corn for a dollar I have to buy canned goods at 89 cents I need to figure out how to get a fridge into the van, and I also have been buying supplements, and meal replacement bars/powders because sometime in the next 7 days I will be sent to work my campground, and driving 40 miles to get some groceries should be a once a month thing. Why does a meal replacement bar cost more than a meal?? Thats like charging bicyclists for using the road. Anyway snowed last night, cold as shit. The laundromat is ok a bunch of people staring at big metal boxes like they are some supreme being, but they got wi-fi and I can download some movies and type this. I am not much on goals, but I have set one. Its so pathetic to even mention, but I turn 30 in 2 months and my goal is to have a date for my 30th birthday, last year on my birthday I received a 450 dollar ticket from the city of Georgetown while Ludevig was past out in the back seat, To accomplish this goal I have enlisted the help of Eharmony,,, and yes even I am even thinking about changing my sexual orentation to simply "living" wish me luck in my journey, And if you have a single cousin, sister, friend, mother, grandmother, grandfather, housecat, crackwhore that lives down on the street, and can get them to Logan let me know.

Friday, May 27, 2011

to reader or not to reader

I have been doing alot of reading lately and feel as though my monthly library trips will soon prove not enough. I have been looking into getting an E-reader or a tablet, but I have never used one and I not too sure if I will enjoy using it. I have tried to read on the laptop it is not very feasible for my eyes. I wonder if I should rent one a Wal-mart to see how i like it. While it would be a sound purchase and free room in the van, because book take space and right now I am sitting on about 20 books I have read but do not want get rid and in the forest, I have no one to trade with. The downside is I can no longer just gra a stack for 7 bucks at the library but there is ways around this of course. This is all I have to talk about today,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I got nothing

OK I officially have nothing to type here nothing new, heard an interesting fact on the radio today in the last 50 days it has rained 45 of them kinda shitty, but I am getting out and about while there are tiny breaks in the rain. I might get some hours this week, but next week is more likely, sent an application to a fireworks operator in New Mexico, to get a stand because when I flee I want to flee to some sort of work, anyone want to come to New Mexico and work and camp for 10days???? I wish I knew the name of the company that does fireworks in Austin, so I could go see my only friend, my cat and my dog, oh yeah mi madre also. Anyway everyone have a good day..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pity.....Pity.... Pity party of one

So I have yet to see the sun this week and am feeling a little down , but all is good after tears of pain flowed yesterday as I had found out  it was Friday and not Wed as I had thought. While not knowing what day it is may not seem like that big a deal, to most, to me it is extremely important if I lose a couple days then that means nothing happened that day therefore that day was wasted and not worth living. I try to something everyday to create a moment, but somewhere in my seasonal affective depression I lost some days. But all became well as I had some visions and a conference with the voices in my head, and decided to dance the night away. All is good I think and the sun is shining. I hopefully will be starting work soon, but I really just want some clear days so I can go out hiking and enjoying the area. Dont forget that as the camping season starts you should be visiting daily to find the best spots in your area.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

much ado about nothing and various artists

So as I type this today, I am just returning from my monthly library trip, public libraries are a great place to purchase used book for cheap most the time its only $.50 for a paperback and $1.00 for a hardcover not bad, and when your done you can trade it to someone for another book or use it as fire starter. Recently, I have been discovering a problem with my reading, it is getting too fast, a couple months ago it took me 2-3 days to get thru a book, now about 8 hours at this rate I will need to change my monthly visit into a weekly one.
  So onto my unexciting and boring life, I am bored and mainly because I have done all there is to do in the spot I am in. hiked all the trails to the point Bella is not even exploring anymore. I think back to the previous years when intoxication took up my boredom, I would do some lines, pop some pills, or swallow some shwill  and zone out until coherence would be available again, Now that I am living in a real world ( well as real as the world can get) it becomes difficult to find ways to past time, I would like hobbies, but most hobbies involve making something or buying something and for me as I want or need nothing, knitting a sweater or building a birdhouse, seems to be a waste of time.   I used to enjoy making steel coffee tables and painting, but in my footagely challenged environment it would seem to be excess, I am not good at music and don't ever have enough power or focus to write anymore. I need some drugs I could do enough just so that my campsite will be ready when I awaken, the fire rings will have been installed, the river will have receded, and I can have fun. I wonder if thats what sleeping beauty and rip van winkle thought, anyway that was a joke. I am gonna wait another week and if it still appears bleak I will head to the national gathering and  help with kitchen setup.
 I am officially trying to quit smoking again new regiment, every time I want a cigarette, I pop a lozenge ( I bought helpers) and do push ups until the urge subsides, but now I can barely move my arms, Anyway Hope the elves are having fun in this world and everyone is enjoying life

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got nothing to type, but I am here in what I am anticipating as the last time I log in for a while, but I really don't know with the campsites still being closed as fears of flood present themselves, I get bored and ride to town its not as fun as you would think I am on a bike lighter than me with skinny knobby tires weaving thru a canyon too stupid to place a helmet on, SO I  still come to town for 2 reasons I like to type this incoherent babble and I have a crush on the girl at the chevron. Any way I hope everyone is doing good and being excellent to each other. Life is funny that way, there are some nice dispersed sites here if anyone is bored.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Realizations of a spoiled upbringing

Here I am in Utah, where it is mid-may and 58 degrees with 3 days of rain in a row. Now as I sit and hide from the moisture it hits me how fortunate my upbringing was 350 days of sunshine a year, and right now in my birthtown  it is  75 and partly cloudy and will be in the mid 80's all week. I have yet to see the sun this week. Between the weather and the campgrounds not being ready to open on time, I am starting to reconsider my summer vocation, I looked at Bella today and she conveyed a look of "what the hell are we doing" I had to agree, MAYBE, I'll make it though the summer but first I have to get thru this week

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not much new but leaves suck

After 5 hours of leaf blowing I have decided to start a crusade to rid the world of leafy trees, they serve no purpose. They are like the 2 years of the tree world always in the way and leaving their shit everywhere for someone else to pick up. They have no use, don't give me that what about fruit line? Vegetables rock! What about houses? There are evergreen trees, concrete and steel. Speaking of concrete that stuff is awesome, most rocks are they leave little mess and some are valuable. What about shade? Well hunker down behind a large rock, same shade. plus some rocks are caves. So what am I saying is leafy trees suck. So do your part and chop down all you see. And on what I am doing, I am waiting to get to my campsite after the worst snowfall in Logan in 30 years, and the rangers are predicting that the mountain is going to flood, but Bella and I are hiking 4+ miles a day. till next time.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome To Logan, and self abuse runs wild

I made into Logan fascinating little mountain town, I have yet to meet my Bosses or go near my site, I just rolled out for a hike this morning and went to town because groceries are needed, I have been torturing myself lately, I bought these 4 movies on one disc collections at wal-mart but all these movies are horror movies about campers and road trippers being murdered in site so sleep has been rare, Now as I sit out starbucks where 4 mothers with 6 young children have gathered around me to drink sugary beverages and talk of nothing, It just make me wonder when did we stop taking children and play dates to the park?????????

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sea of gray, and little things I know about me

Well I made it to Salt lake City, just to find out as I get here, my site the one I planned at being at tomorrow is 3 feet deep, but I made other plans with my super. As I sit in my first metropolis since LA I am just enamored with it, the sea of gray and the mountains blend nicely. I spent most of the day yesterday driving around urban exploring, the one thing I like most about big cities is it gives me the opportunity to watch social interactions up close, to see how we as a people interact with others in  giant cages like dogs at the pound. I love to see people and interact. In the forest and camping area the only people you meet are like minded, while they still may hold jobs, they someday wish to "get away".  In the cities I meet opposition to my chosen way of life and I thoroughly believe the opposition can turn into motivation. Whether I motivate someone to get out there and enjoy, or they motivate me to buck society and keep on keepin on. If no one ever tells you, you are wrong, then how do you know your right? So I slept in a parking lot and stole some continental breakfast, now I head to the library to get some books, pawn shop to get movies, sports store to get a kayak ( I hope, its a big purchase, I'll more than likely back out of it).