Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not much new but leaves suck

After 5 hours of leaf blowing I have decided to start a crusade to rid the world of leafy trees, they serve no purpose. They are like the 2 years of the tree world always in the way and leaving their shit everywhere for someone else to pick up. They have no use, don't give me that what about fruit line? Vegetables rock! What about houses? There are evergreen trees, concrete and steel. Speaking of concrete that stuff is awesome, most rocks are they leave little mess and some are valuable. What about shade? Well hunker down behind a large rock, same shade. plus some rocks are caves. So what am I saying is leafy trees suck. So do your part and chop down all you see. And on what I am doing, I am waiting to get to my campsite after the worst snowfall in Logan in 30 years, and the rangers are predicting that the mountain is going to flood, but Bella and I are hiking 4+ miles a day. till next time.....


  1. I'm searching frantically for the "dislike" button! David, I am shocked!

  2. That sounds a lot like the rant my mother use to have every fall...