Monday, May 30, 2011

3 days, 4 stores and 3 trips to best buy

Well yesterday I made the leap into a digital reader, I bought the android (we all know I love anything to with roids) based Pandigital Novel, It reads both nook and kindle books, has web browser, facebook, and I have already added about 75 free books to it and just in time because sometime this week I will be opening my site, without potable water, but nevertheless open. With opening come the 25 mile trek to town to take care of things, which will be most likely once a month unless I hitchhike down because driving that far sucks. I will not be posting, so read the old blogs and laugh, and cry. I plan on writing still and flooding the page with blogs, but today I have a gripe I have only a couple days of short drives left and the playstation store is down, how is it the one day I want to get a new game and some new comic books the playstation store is down oh well I guess I'll pay the same games. Started my summer liquid diet today, a little on edge, but feeling great. I hope the rain leaves soon and the skys open to sunshine i walked 3 miles today and my boots are soaked it seems as though all this rain has destroyed the waterproofing. Anyway to my site I go so now you can come visit.


  1. I'd say it's because Sony's customer database was compromised by unscrupulous fellows. I am sure they will experience a lot of growing pains after that one.

    I'll be interested in knowing how the food situation works out. Storing a months worth of food in a van w/o ice/refrig will be quite a feat.

    Cheers, good friend. -jenn

  2. Its not really food as it is nutritional supplements a can of powdered milk and 10 pounds of rice and pasta