Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome To Logan, and self abuse runs wild

I made into Logan fascinating little mountain town, I have yet to meet my Bosses or go near my site, I just rolled out for a hike this morning and went to town because groceries are needed, I have been torturing myself lately, I bought these 4 movies on one disc collections at wal-mart but all these movies are horror movies about campers and road trippers being murdered in site so sleep has been rare, Now as I sit out starbucks where 4 mothers with 6 young children have gathered around me to drink sugary beverages and talk of nothing, It just make me wonder when did we stop taking children and play dates to the park?????????


  1. Did you watch the one that takes place in Australian? The one where the hikers visit the crater and when they get back to their car their watches have stopped. That one is great... not sure why I can't ever remember the name. It's best if you don't know the plot before you watch it.

  2. no but i will check it out if i figure out what it is