Monday, May 2, 2011

Sea of gray, and little things I know about me

Well I made it to Salt lake City, just to find out as I get here, my site the one I planned at being at tomorrow is 3 feet deep, but I made other plans with my super. As I sit in my first metropolis since LA I am just enamored with it, the sea of gray and the mountains blend nicely. I spent most of the day yesterday driving around urban exploring, the one thing I like most about big cities is it gives me the opportunity to watch social interactions up close, to see how we as a people interact with others in  giant cages like dogs at the pound. I love to see people and interact. In the forest and camping area the only people you meet are like minded, while they still may hold jobs, they someday wish to "get away".  In the cities I meet opposition to my chosen way of life and I thoroughly believe the opposition can turn into motivation. Whether I motivate someone to get out there and enjoy, or they motivate me to buck society and keep on keepin on. If no one ever tells you, you are wrong, then how do you know your right? So I slept in a parking lot and stole some continental breakfast, now I head to the library to get some books, pawn shop to get movies, sports store to get a kayak ( I hope, its a big purchase, I'll more than likely back out of it).

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