Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Whole New World

Well this week I had to move from my nice little campgrounds, to the biggest and most popular one. Its a good move in the fact that I can stay busy all the time and it is some 2000 feet higher and a little cooler, but there are so many campers and I am constantly stuck putting on the show and talking to people. My satellite tv doesn't work up there, so its still boring at wind down time, but I finished a book last night and will start one tonight. There is also alot of trails up here so I have something to do, with my birthday 2 weeks away it is starting to appear I will fail at my goal of having a date for my birthday oh well, really thinking about a trailer still a friend sent me a lead which is nice. The campground I am in is really kinda elitist ad people seem to mind the van I know fuck them but I also dont have privacy in my new site and need to shower somewhere. I hope they find someone to work this site so I can go back to my peaceful aloneness.  I wonder if drinking Utah beer wrecks my sobriety, I dont think so, but I also don't think it is worth the money just to clean out your kidneys. I hope everyone is good, I might be able leave earlier because of the change in elevation so I can visit a friend or 2 on to way to kansas. Hope you all are having a good time. Adios

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sometimes roller coasters are fun

What a weird week. I got all my sites open finally and am starting to work full time, but I had a bad morning on Saturday and almost walked away. My boss upset me so I was feeling shitty, then as I return to my site, I have some campers come by and we have great conversation and they brought me dinner, Its things like that, that turn a bad day  around. Then the last 2 days the boss has started being cool with me again. I have also met some cavers, I gues there is an entire system that runs in the area near me, they decided I would go with them next time they go. So all in all everything is good, and times are fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is no substitute for a good cobbler

Well, just got done at the pound, I am slowly starting to realize there is no substitute for miss Bella, so I left empty handed. And while fixing my shoe, a super glue tube exploded on me so my fingers are coated in glue as I type kinda cool, but also my foot is glued to my shoe. On the plus side I think I fixed it.

Just another tantric tuesday

I don't know, these are the three most valuable words in the English language, being able to admit you cannot do it by yourself.  I am thinking about selling out on my vandwelling brothers and sisters and adding a trailer to my collection. I'd really like to be able to stand up in my house and have refrigeration so maybe today's the day. here are both pros and cons to this, but I think the pros are better, plus if I need to go stealth 16-18 foot trailers have no real depreciation. Heading over to doggy death row today maybe I'll make a friend. things have been getting busy on the mountain, yay!!! I hope everyone is having a good time out there and if its too hot out there, I invite you to come and stay a week with me, I have enough room for 2 or 3 in my site, LM turner Logan canyon Utah. All are welcome.  Adios.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teething at 30

Several things have been going on this week, first and foremost is I am getting a new tooth in.  Yea I know it sucks right? It seems when they pulled my last tooth they freed up what ever was blocking my wisdom tooth from growing in, so here I am teething at 30 with no whiskey for the gums. The campers have been overly nice, as you would expect, I got given 3 meals on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday. Which is nice and all, but I have not been use to eating, so even a bite of real food feels me up, but I can't say no and let food goto waste, So for the last couple days I have been stuffed beyond belief. I should not be complaining about this. So on HBO last night was any interesting program called Citizen USA, the documentaries purpose was to go to naturalization services in all 50 states at meet new Americans. In the interviews you gain a new outlook on America, alot people are glad to become American because of safety, religious, and romantic freedoms. All things alot of us take for granted, The voices of immigrants stating that they love the friendliness and openness of America is eye opening and welcome. I just want to say, be nice today, love your neighbors, whether they be pakistani, mexican, white trash, or even Irish. Wave to someone random and toss a smile. Remember our tolerance and acceptance makes us great and if we lose that we can and will fail.