Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shake off the dust...Arise can't keep a badman down

So Now that I have dusted off the funk and self doubt that comes with being indoors to long, I got some shit done on the van and am ready to hit the road met up with great friends Cindy and Stumpy for a Cracker Barrel breakfast, and then slept the rest of the afternoon. But in true Alx fashion I had to drop some change while being inside too long, I went out and bought myself a new (to me at least) motorcycle.  I must say the DMV in Arizona is fucking awesome $24 and 24 minutes and I got a plate and title. So its time to move on and find my smile.( Its right where I left it on a nightstand years ago) Just kidding, I dont really have much else to say because well I am happy to be waiting on a final load of laundry, taking trips though the desert periodically waiting for the next chapter of this life to begin. So I leave you with this.  Life is good, Life is an experience worth having, don't work away your life to get the Ideals of happiness, make sacrifices and find your true center.

More things change more they never will

Well rolled into Golden Valley, AZ, to visit my grandmother, build some solar panels, do some other things to the van. I get here and am immediately inundated with 21st century American culture, TV on, computer with unlimited access. I am overloading with stimulus and thus it is hard to focus on tasks at hand,(off topic, but being no one reads this anyway I'll get personal on my feelings, So I am watching this TV stuff and I see societies vision of happy people, house, car, family, friends, and loved ones. I watch and I comes to the realization that I don't think I have felt someones else love for me in about 27 months, friends far and too few, my house is my car, it seems as though something is wrong with me, as I crave the love of another whether it be a simple prolonged hugs or something more, I wish I could be normal sometimes as they are in the fantasy of TV anyway so I have been sad for a few days because of this, but I did want to tell you people out there with kids, significant others, and loving friends, don't take them for granted and cherish every moment the grass is brown on this side.) I started with making my solar panel, not recommended the cells are very fragile it take extreme care and patience, which sometimes do to my past my hands shake too much and I ended breaking more cells than using, but I got it done and it should last all summer then I will buy a commercially made one, but its a lesson I have learned, I got my seat in, This is a really depressing blog so I am going to end it.. 

Water fun life and Adventure

So I left Quartzsite in desperate search of wetter grounds, Now I got a tip on a spot right on the river in Eherenberg, AZ, very nice place where burros sound off through the night and leave "gifts" by your campsite at night, very enjoyable place. Went swimming, fishing, wish I had more time there, oh well, it was time to move North to accomplish some things.Thanks goto FREECAMPSITES.NET for the photo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wow how time can change things.

I rolled into Quartzsite last night and it looks like the town I had fun in 2 months ago execpt everything is gone, This senior winter break spot has dried up, Only a few straglers and what nots left here, not much to say it is quiet but hot I am off to find some water to play in.

Fat Tuesday and Fat Tacos

The time came to leave slab city and Start my descent north to Utah, I rolled out and headed for Yuma to visit a friend of mine that I couldn't wait to see, I picked him up at work we got some groceries and headed to a campsite the next few hours and the day that followed are still a bit hazy, but I do know that my companions from www.freecampsites.net showed up and we all survived, So having lost Monday due to carryover, Tuesday became the day Me and my 2 Amigos headed to Los Algondones across the border for debauchery, dental work, da tacos, and damn fine women. While my friend was in the dentists we sat out side at a cafe drinking 40s of Tecate and eating tacos, soon this progressed to strip clubs and "lap dances" All in all it was a good day and my friend got some dental work. Fast forward to thurs more work was needed so he went across alone to do, that while Jen, Rain, Bella, and I journeyed to the deserted mining town of TUMCO, not much to say about that. Fri we went to Harbor Freight, where I purchased a generator and Johnny wandered in and out of the Aisles amazed at all the cheap tools. Yuma has been good Saturday we went to the river and swam outside in March awesome day were had by me, I just hope the others Enjoyed it as well.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slabbers, spangers, and not so free Wi-fi

Today is a day, I woke up had some coffee, and decided I would go to the springs, stop and see a friend on the way, bath time, I got nice and clean. I decided to stop by a slab and see some people, as soon as I set in one slabbers says to another thats my bong, you stole it and drama ensued all was righted and the "stolen" item returned, but not quite the peaceful morning I had hoped for. Start chatting up some folks, found a travel partner if I head west again. Then pigeon mentions its her birthday soon and she would like to journey to Brawley and spange a bit, I figured hey free high speed wi-fi and some quiet time, but the free wi-fi at Vons has been gestapo-ed, and all the file sharing sites I visit to obtain the unobtainium movies and tv shows, I worked around but still a little hassle, speaking of hassles as I sit here and write this Pigeon has been informed by Jaun Q Lawrez that she could not stand on the public street and hold a sign, It appears as though this relaxing day of solitude, and TV has turned into a clusterfuck, the only bright spot might be getting the guys at freecampsites.net (the best site ever,good ads too) some groceries,  Maybe I'll get lit and sleep the day away...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaving too soon, cynisim, and non smoking assholes

Well my trip into LA was cut short, when I stopped by an animal shelter and picked up a lil hottie named bella, shes 9 and was on her last day there before execution. So I ran up to the warden window and demanded a stay. So after a little bail, she was my new road dog. Not wanting  to get to know her in the chaotic city streets, I fled for the desert where she can run without a leash and we could get to know each other, there is still more things I'd like to do in Anahiem and I might go back. Bella seems to be adjusted to van life, does not whine or bark at all, she is super stealth and sleeps most the day. But I also want to get the fuck outta the slabs and head to yuma with the wonderful people at Freecampsites.net  even though they are on edge with the recent death of their dear smoking habit. I wish them well please visit the site it is very helpful. Anyway until another time I will float in uncertainty