Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shake off the dust...Arise can't keep a badman down

So Now that I have dusted off the funk and self doubt that comes with being indoors to long, I got some shit done on the van and am ready to hit the road met up with great friends Cindy and Stumpy for a Cracker Barrel breakfast, and then slept the rest of the afternoon. But in true Alx fashion I had to drop some change while being inside too long, I went out and bought myself a new (to me at least) motorcycle.  I must say the DMV in Arizona is fucking awesome $24 and 24 minutes and I got a plate and title. So its time to move on and find my smile.( Its right where I left it on a nightstand years ago) Just kidding, I dont really have much else to say because well I am happy to be waiting on a final load of laundry, taking trips though the desert periodically waiting for the next chapter of this life to begin. So I leave you with this.  Life is good, Life is an experience worth having, don't work away your life to get the Ideals of happiness, make sacrifices and find your true center.

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  1. Yipeee! I was wondering about the bike! I'm glad the DMV was painless.Breakfast was great! I'm pondering a trip to CV over the weekend... I'll catch up with you soon, somewhere or another!