Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the Road again

Well i left out of Golden Valley with a dirtbike and new sense of adventure, As I rolled into congress I noticed the vastness of desert and immediately began riding after about an hour or so the bike starts acting up so I park it and enjoy the day. The next morning I head to the gas Station a whole 4 miles away but 2 miles in I am out of gas. Luckily some passerby gave me a ride back to the van so I could breakdown camp and go get gas. The next day I take an awesome ride with a friend through the desert to a ghost town, pretty cool, but when we arrive back the bike will no longer start. I am not discouraged as the hours I already rode it more than made up for the price after letting it sit for a couple days and doing some internet research I clean the plug and it fires up!!! Yay!!! I quick ride and it is time to move on to another place.....

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