Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'll Go again, but only if we take your car

If you like hot springs then here is a review on the verde hot springs, I left Camp Verde I went for a pleasurable drive to the Verde hot springs well sort off... First of all the road there is one of those 15/50 roads you know so wash boarded that if you can't go 50 u need to go 15 or the vehicle vibrates so bad you need to change your clothes and rebuild your walls. And as it is winding, you must go 15 very nice scenery some high desert and what not. After the first 12 miles of the, lets shake you like a baby, road you turn off onto a winding steep high clearance only road which is just as fun as the other but with more sense of danger. Then you get the the "campground" no places to camp and all the spaces are on top of each other, but oh well made some friends watched people get there Ford stuck in the river and a dodge pull it out, the springs themselves not that great a 4x4 concrete pool with heated water small not very hot just not worth the drive, so Bella and I rolled out early and took the other way out and it wasn't so bad. Oh well went some nice people took a bath. whats next


  1. No camping at all? I'm guessing it was a weekend? Ho long did you stay? Was the road wide enough to pass other cars? Inquiring minds want to know ;) Sounds like it wasn't what you expected...

  2. No it was what I expected at the site a busy weekend and small unmarked spots, The road is very narrow there are alot of places where you cannot pass other cars. I was there 3 days.