Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing to see here move along

Well I spent 4 days in Aqua Fria National Monument awesome place and the rangers really like to keep it up, they put fresh rock down on the road while I was there to combat the damage from rain. It has a trail down a wash which leads to a bubbling brook of a river and some petrogylphs, which leads me to the question, Why are ancient drawings always stick figures was there no art critics or people that actually wanted to make a nice picture? It is it that the societal needs called for work to be done instead of supporting the arts? Anyway it was very nice and I was the only camper, but it is a popular place lots of day users enjoying the amenities.  But alas, I must move on and head on to the north so the next stop is Camp Verde, hope it is all that it is billed to be..

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  1. Did you take the road through Strawberry and visit the hot springs?