Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainy Nights and Men rubbing each other in their underwear

Well finally heard from Ken all is seemingly well, he got the job and should be in a home, so I know he will be fine. All day friday, I look at this flyer for a wrestling show in Covina about 30 miles east of LA, I like to go inland on the weekends and I like watching men rub each other in their undies. So I contemplate going all day Knowing I am gonna go, but in true DD fashion I wait until 430pm to make my decision to head inland, I am seemingly programed to drive at this time, I think I must enjoy sitting on the 10 for 3 hours to go 30 miles, anyway I make it to Covina in the pour down rain. This is my first show in CA and its drastically different, then anything before, so many kids and families there. And chants in spanish as well as english, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a female septuagenarian mark hollering spanish insults at the wrestlers. It was very old school not alot of stiff shots, but I got to see Brandon Gatson ( I don't get it, yet), Ryan Taylor (future star), and Scorpio Sky (?) do their thing. It was a good change of pace. After wards, I cruised into a nearby neighborhood, and fell asleep to the pitter, patter of rain drops on the roof of the van. It was a good day, but It leaves me with the desire to go to PWG's DDT4 next weekend, because its a once in a lifetime show for a non CA resident, so we will see what this week brings, I will be heading to an animal shelter in a bit. Is it poetic or ironic that I left one roaddog at a shelter and obtain a new one from a shelter??>..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to the OC...I think

So anyway rainy shitty day, I am on the puppy hunt, gonna check out a shelter in the morning, if I go to Anaheim for a wrestling show, I would much rather go to Covina and see a bigger show, but being in Anaheim gets me where I wanna be....Covina sends me back where I came, I am however growing tired of Venice its just a congested area and what not. So I take a trip today to get out of Venice and goto the library in Near by Culver City, first I lock the keys in the van, oh well will figure it out later, then inside I go and the have library card only access to the interwebs, not cool not only am I stranded waiting for triple A because I forgot to put the coat hanger back in my backpack, but I also can't use the Internet. Life is unfair sometimes, anyway I gotta try to see what I am doing.

To catch us up to speed

 So I left Ken at the shelter resource center on Wed. morning and finally, and now in hindsight got some unneeded alone time, being a faceless drone in a city of millions is harder than I remember. Well the last 3 days have been alot less eventful than before, I have been chilling at the library/starbucks/coffee connection  just surfing the web and watching TV, not quite the life I want. I did meet some people at a meeting, but nothing more than general chit chat, I will most likely go to more of them, more so for the interaction of people than the actual message, i got the message had it nicely was happy, just forgot it and slipped, but now I know how to work my shit. Without my roaddog life has been lonely, sometimes I wish I could just bring myself to drive back to Texas, sit with my dog, find a nice girl (mom can choose), and settle down. Then I remember what it was like to be in a cage, not a feeling I want again, I truly do like this being on the road, and its in fucking Texas, but I do need some sort of interaction. So I believe I will get a puppy/dog. I was/am unsure about this decision because I was not sure of what I would be doing. Right now it looks as though I will be heading to Utah to work as a Campground Host. Where a friend will be nice, but Am I cheating on my dog that I left with my mother, I love him a ton and don't want to lose him, but I feel as though he is in his place with her and he is safe and I don't want to separate my mother and him, I think he knows I love him and at least I know he is loved. So a new dog it is, unless somehow I can meet a girl, that wants to be on the road and spend all summer living in a gorgeous mountain campground before I get a puppy. Another question this raises Is where to raise my pup.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Week.

Well Monday is here, yay, but is it really Monday or a second Sunday . Wake up early people started showing up in the warehouse lot where we parked, eat breakfast head to the bucks get my coffee/wifi on find an interesting job add "Guys Needed for Gangbang Scene pays $50 bucks" hmm why not so I made $50 in a hotel room next to Disneyland with a Mickey Mouse wallpaper border, be on the lookout for my Porn debut. Slow day Slept at Wal-mart for the first time since I hit the road. Tuesday we got up and decided to head to Venice to check the mail, no fucking package!!!! as we cruised the boardwalk watching the basketball players, medical pot peddlers, and skaters, Ken received a phone call from the catering company, he got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for him, but this raised more questions then answers as now that he was employed we needed to get him into a shelter where we could shower daily and sleep without fear of me moving the van to Oregon in the middle of the night. We researched shelters and found one, yesterday I left my roaddog at a shelter, It has been 26 hours and I have yet to hear from him so, I hope he is alright and not being used as a sex toy for homeless, crackhead junkies, or if he is I hope he is at least enjoying it. Now I am alone and the fear, boredom, depression, anxiety, loneliness, are starting to set in.


After the first 2 days in LA I so wanted to head back to the Slabs, uneasiness set in my stomach every time I feel asleep, but unfortunately my grandmother is super efficient, you see I asked her to forward my mail ( which contains a work contract) to the Santa Monica post office instead of taking the usual day or so most people would she did it that day.  So here I am in uncomfortable silence and nervousness when I sleep, but am stuck waiting on mail. I figured I had a day or 2 so I went to Anaheim for Thursday night, but on Friday Ken and I had job interviews for a catering company in Manhattan Beach and decided to check the post office anyway no package. I wanted to go back to Orange County things are quieter and easier there, but we wait until Saturday to check mail again, nothing.While in Santa Monica for Friday, we indulged ourselves on another open mike night at the UnUrban cafe in SM, good night some good musicians, but once again the Van caused some ruckus and was fined $64 for not being in the wrong place, I quickly, and quite stereotypically filed this in the glove box.  Now this package was sent last Wed by 2 day express, how hard can it be to mail something from one post office to the next, but it not being here Saturday we headed back to the OC. We busked on the board walk (well Ken busked I held a sign reading "back-handed compliments and sarcasm $.50) so Ken had some cash I dropped him off at a punk show and took the opportunity to enjoy a quiet night to myself. Sunday was a good quiet day went to church, went to the gym, went to the horse track (broke Even) went to the topless pool joint (broken tables, FREE POOL). Quiet day. If you are ever in Orange County Los Alimitos is Perhaps one of the Nicest tracks I have seen

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Can I Say LA!!!

I finally made it back to my favorite city and almost immediately wished I hadn't bothered. After leaving Slab City we headed to Box Canyon, this is one of the most serene and wonderful places to camp I have ever been, but one night there and we moved inland to Redlands where we hotel-ed it and went to an open mic night, where Ken would preform. The next day we roll into Venice, its a rainy shitty day of cloud cover and traffic the boardwalk is empty and there is no one around so Ken decides to stay in the Van. We find a nice spot to park after hanging out at the Library for a few hours, wake up and go to my favorite spot on the coast, eat breakfast, go to Santa Monica pier all around good day, Later that night we decide to go to Hollywood to an open mic night at the pig and whistle there was wonderful performers, the night was thoroughly enjoyed, UNTIL we head back to the van to find it no longer where it was left, what happened, did the van just leave, no apparently, I had misread a parking sign and the van was escorted away from its parking spot, to a car jail some 2 miles away after a good walk, I payed the 300 dollars bail and got my house back.The first 48 hours in LA sucked. So I went east to Anaheim where I could watch some wrestling and relax with less people and parking lots instead of street parking.

Slab City

Wow is all I can say to describe this place. After a brief lay-over in a Brawley hotel parking lot, to download some TV and check mail and what nots before I arrive in the modern day wild west. I pull into Slab City notice Salvation Mountain on the way in , what a great place to put a shrine to the load then outside the gates of Sodom.  About 3:30 pm I pull into Slab City park fairly close to the entrance and walk around. As I walk though this small desert oasis.( For back story on Slab City it is a piece of desert that used to be an army base, but was deserted and claimed but squatters.) I notice all the makeshift fences and trash art that encompases this place so in true Alx fashion I decide to make my own satirical fence to save "my Spot" .My entire time in Slab City is a blur of boredom and poor desecion making, I learned that I truly am an Alcoholic, I am more than comfortable, doing nothing. It is here I gained a RoadDog ( traveling partner) named Ken. A oung punker from Texas. Slab City is alot of fun and I am sad I did not do up dates everyday while here.

The next stop in the line

Having done what I came to do in Quartzsite, land a job, I moved on down the road. I started in Yuma, Az where I did some laundry and slept in a Best Western parking lot. I departed early in the morning and headed to Mexicali, I crossed the border at about 9am, too early for anything to be open, so I wandered the streets and took in the quietness of this sleepy bordertown. At 10 am I started shopping, first on the agenda was to get grain alcohol for a friend who I met in Quartzsite and planned on meeting up with in Slab City, that mission was soon accomplished 59 pesos a bottle, good deal,. Up next was to procure some steroids to live my dream of being Hulk Hogan. I wander into a pharmacy and there they sit directly in plain site, the red box I had only seen in internet pictures, I nervously ask the little Mexican man (who also happens to be the only English speaker in Mexicali) behind the counter for them he grabs them and rings me up, no problems. I ditch the syringes and boxes and place the vials in my pocket and across the border I go. No questions asked??? So now I have them with no way to administer them if I had know I could just walk across question free, but oh well. Soon I head north and drive to slab city.

About time I start this

So about, 7 weeks ago I packed up all my things and moved into my van, and started a journey throughout the
west, to have some fun, discover myself, and figure out life as we know. Well when I rolled out of Kingman nerves set in as I was not sure of what was going to happen. I had the destination in mind, Quartzsite, Az, as I arrived in Quartzsite for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous organized through, I was greeted by several very friendly folks and dogs. Quartzsite is not for everyone, it more of a desert resort surrounded by thousands of RV's, rockhounds, and swap meets. I met a few interesting people and did some shopping. The highlight of Quartzsite in January is the RV tent show, at which I made some interesting job contacts, I was offered both positions as a campground host in Logan, UT for American Land & Leisure. I was also offered a position cooking for the catering side of Adventureland Theme Park in Des Moines, Iowa. I have yet to completely decide which one I will be partaking in. Alas my time in Quartzsite was done

Dome Rock I climbed this

A View on The way up

From the top as I hang on for dear life