Friday, February 25, 2011

To catch us up to speed

 So I left Ken at the shelter resource center on Wed. morning and finally, and now in hindsight got some unneeded alone time, being a faceless drone in a city of millions is harder than I remember. Well the last 3 days have been alot less eventful than before, I have been chilling at the library/starbucks/coffee connection  just surfing the web and watching TV, not quite the life I want. I did meet some people at a meeting, but nothing more than general chit chat, I will most likely go to more of them, more so for the interaction of people than the actual message, i got the message had it nicely was happy, just forgot it and slipped, but now I know how to work my shit. Without my roaddog life has been lonely, sometimes I wish I could just bring myself to drive back to Texas, sit with my dog, find a nice girl (mom can choose), and settle down. Then I remember what it was like to be in a cage, not a feeling I want again, I truly do like this being on the road, and its in fucking Texas, but I do need some sort of interaction. So I believe I will get a puppy/dog. I was/am unsure about this decision because I was not sure of what I would be doing. Right now it looks as though I will be heading to Utah to work as a Campground Host. Where a friend will be nice, but Am I cheating on my dog that I left with my mother, I love him a ton and don't want to lose him, but I feel as though he is in his place with her and he is safe and I don't want to separate my mother and him, I think he knows I love him and at least I know he is loved. So a new dog it is, unless somehow I can meet a girl, that wants to be on the road and spend all summer living in a gorgeous mountain campground before I get a puppy. Another question this raises Is where to raise my pup.

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