Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slab City

Wow is all I can say to describe this place. After a brief lay-over in a Brawley hotel parking lot, to download some TV and check mail and what nots before I arrive in the modern day wild west. I pull into Slab City notice Salvation Mountain on the way in , what a great place to put a shrine to the load then outside the gates of Sodom.  About 3:30 pm I pull into Slab City park fairly close to the entrance and walk around. As I walk though this small desert oasis.( For back story on Slab City it is a piece of desert that used to be an army base, but was deserted and claimed but squatters.) I notice all the makeshift fences and trash art that encompases this place so in true Alx fashion I decide to make my own satirical fence to save "my Spot" .My entire time in Slab City is a blur of boredom and poor desecion making, I learned that I truly am an Alcoholic, I am more than comfortable, doing nothing. It is here I gained a RoadDog ( traveling partner) named Ken. A oung punker from Texas. Slab City is alot of fun and I am sad I did not do up dates everyday while here.

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