Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another week down

Well I have made it another week and it has been a good one. After a hellish weekend we had a company meeting which is good because you get to see familiar faces and bitch about guests. Then I got a neighbor, a nice lay moved in to help out with the day use area so I am not so lonely anymore, tons of small dogs on the pound website today, I may be accruing a friend only time will tell. I hope all is well on your front.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I used to walk uphill 2 Miles to make a phonecall

Well alot of insanity this weekend, there was homemade beer, a ren fair wedding, late night swimming, and even a drunken camphost who fell and sprained his wrist. I survived another week here in desolation, but on wed last week my satalite went out so I climbed 2 miles straight up the mountain and made a call. Now that did not seem to help so I gave up and read a couple books, but yesterday I tried again, t the top I went, I actually got somewhere this time and got to veg out I also took these pictures with my new camera phone.This is a terrible entry but oh well just haven't been feeling very spectacular lately. oh well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Wanna Be a Homeless Hero

I have no clue what that title means other than it sounded good. I have had a good day took a shower at the university, abused the laundromat wi-fi, and got enough food for a month at the food bank. Free food is always good for 2 reasons, 1st you get random grab bags of cans so every bag is like a present you never know whats inside until you unwrap it. and 2nd alot of the food at the food bank is the healthier stuff no one buys I got some sweet whole wheat pasta and oatmeal with a box of Starbucks chai tea. I got some good healthy stuff except for some poptarts!!! Awesome day.

I miss my gay friends

Well started the day today by stealing a shower at the local college, first hot shower in 3 months, feeling pretty good today. The season is winding down and I should be on the road soon, still not sure where I am going, Amazon has not sent my hire letter which is kinda messing with my winter vacation plans, I might just be staying stateside. Met some awesome people this week a great family and some cute ladies. Being in Northern Utah is like being stuck in 1950 middle America. Everyone has these nice nuclear families and tons of love to give, so much trust and happiness it is almost like the real world doesn't exist and family secrets are locked in a vault. There are no blacks, or gays and that makes me a little sad, I miss the fun and openess of gay friends, and the freeness of hippies and the real world view of black friends hopefully I will get back to these things soon. I miss my dirty, dark, tainted, sin-filled world.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Have Learned In My First 30 Years

Well,  I wrote a long on drawn out essay on what I learned in my first 30 years. It was full of hate and spite towards society, police, and the feudal lordship that is the world today, it took about 5 pages on paper, and then I remembered I have also learned people dislike self-righteous assholes who bitch about problems and then do not provide realistic solutions. So as I climb off my high horse, that is standing on a soapbox, and take a more realistic approach the things I know now are about the same as I knew when I was 5; be nice to people, share, biting is not cool, and fighting also. It is harder to get people to like you than to despise you, but on the other end it is easier to love someone and forgive their faults than it is to hate someone and hold grudges. My mommy is the only cool girl in the whole world, and the world is a big place ripe for exploring ( how come nobody has the job title "Explorer" anymore)  Just the basics. Now from my adolescence views have changed being numb and cloudy will not help you get freedom. The world is amazing with a fresh breath and clear head, I climbed out of the bottle in time to live a little. And my mommy is still the coolest girl in the world, but not the only cool one. SO on this day I wish myself a Happy Birthday because everyday I am alive is a great day, (God knows I tried not to be here numerous times). And, everyday is ripe for exploring, I am officially changing my occupation to Explorer. (or maybe Alexplorer)

Drunken and Well Fed.

(Disclaimer my page views have been slipping in the past couple months so in an effort to get them up I will be adding random keywords into this blog, this is most likely more annoying than funny but I have but one shot skip the all caps words)

Being a single camphost or maybe any camphost for that matter is quite an experience, SEX. I drive around and get alot of free meals, now here in Utah dutch ovens are quite popular so most of the meals come from them, NAKED MEN. Now I am learning what foods are  popular here, potatoes and root vegetables as well as hardy foods you would expect in a colder climate, SMURFS MOVIE. Most meals are very tasty, but differ little in flavor, the most drastic change I have noticed is the chili in Utah, BERT, ERNIE, AND OSCAR LOVE TRIANGLE. The chili here is quite sweet and I am pretty sure they use BBQ sauce in it and they have never heard of chili powder or CUMin. All in all most food is tasty and a great change from my pasta and shakes diet. I also am offered a wide variety of adult beverages and because the boozers in Utah are so out numbered as soon as the discover you are not Mormon, CHILD BRIDE, they welcome you in with open arms and stiff drinks. There is no wine here though. I find that quite odd. KILLER SQUIRRELS. Cobbler is the dessert of choice and I don't think I have ever or will ever eat so much of it again. JOHN WAYNE. Overall I am drunk and full most the time. It is this fat alcoholics WET DREAM.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A good time had by all?

I had another up and down week, golf cart breaks and then I fix it, then it goes to the shop. My Ereader got cracked on the screen, but I did get to meet alot of nice folks, on Saturday we had a wedding at the lake and the reception in the campground it was a very good service and many a tear was shed. I was invited to dinner with a nice family and after dinner we told jokes and stories and laughed alot, it was just what I needed at the time. I wandered over to the reception and met some wonderful people from all around the country, and after some celebrating, a triumphant trio took to the lake for some Midnight swimming. Then on sunday It started raining at about 6pm and did not quit until 2pm monday with everything soggy and wet the camp was in a somber mood, but soon sunny sunshine came out of hiding and made everyones day better. I hope the sun is shining on you and your smile is as wide as mine, have a great week and don't forget my birthday on the ninth. I love you all..

A Day in the Life of a Campground Host

I wish I could be one of those helpful bloggers that spread the message of Vandwelling and offers insight on how they live, but I am not that guy I am more just winging it out here. I will however give a glimpse of what I do as a campground host, daily. I wake up at about 6:30am, load up my golf cart with buckets and a shovel and do a quick round around the campground if no one disapeered in the middle of the night I check the restrooms and head back to the van.I make coffee using a merlita single cup drip coffee cone thingy
the only downside to this is the need for filters, but I reuse them about 3 times, I also use the boiling water to make soft boiled eggs for breakfast, soft boiled eggs are great, they are like over easy eggs but without grease and in their own little bowls, and they remind me of my dad he thought me how to make them however he called them 3 minute eggs but at this elevation it is more like 4 minutes then I grab my joe and drive over to the lake here I sit and let the Sun warm me up while I meditate and get centered for the day. At about 9 campers are stirring and moving out, as each moves out I clean the pit and area around the site, change reservation signs and check the fee tube. At around noon I go to the van and have an apple and meal shake for lunch. Around this time new reservations start arriving I check everyone in do a few more rounds and put on the show. Now it is 5pm so I go and make dinner I usally have pasta I perfer Ronzini Quick cook it cooks in about 3 minutes and taste good, I use a little olive oil and Italian seasoning, or I use small cans of tomato sauce and season to taste, ( I used to buy jarred sauce, but by make my own I cut the calories in half and get a better flavor as well as shelf life)
I then do all my paperwork, count the cash, and load firewood in my cart and do my last trip around. If someone needs wood I have it for them. The day ends about 8pm and I retire to the van to watch a movie or read. Thanks to all my readers I hope this was somewhat helpful.