Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drunken and Well Fed.

(Disclaimer my page views have been slipping in the past couple months so in an effort to get them up I will be adding random keywords into this blog, this is most likely more annoying than funny but I have but one shot skip the all caps words)

Being a single camphost or maybe any camphost for that matter is quite an experience, SEX. I drive around and get alot of free meals, now here in Utah dutch ovens are quite popular so most of the meals come from them, NAKED MEN. Now I am learning what foods are  popular here, potatoes and root vegetables as well as hardy foods you would expect in a colder climate, SMURFS MOVIE. Most meals are very tasty, but differ little in flavor, the most drastic change I have noticed is the chili in Utah, BERT, ERNIE, AND OSCAR LOVE TRIANGLE. The chili here is quite sweet and I am pretty sure they use BBQ sauce in it and they have never heard of chili powder or CUMin. All in all most food is tasty and a great change from my pasta and shakes diet. I also am offered a wide variety of adult beverages and because the boozers in Utah are so out numbered as soon as the discover you are not Mormon, CHILD BRIDE, they welcome you in with open arms and stiff drinks. There is no wine here though. I find that quite odd. KILLER SQUIRRELS. Cobbler is the dessert of choice and I don't think I have ever or will ever eat so much of it again. JOHN WAYNE. Overall I am drunk and full most the time. It is this fat alcoholics WET DREAM.


  1. Somehow my blog ended up on a Russian porn site last week and I was swamped with hundreds of disappointed eastern Europeans... You'll have to tell us if this stunt works.

    The Tuckerbag

  2. I thought all of the drinkers up and left Utah for Colorado. At least that's what a couple of days in the border town of Grand Junction had me thinking.