Friday, April 29, 2011

I am pretty sure hell is capped with Ice

Well as I get closer to Logan I encounter more snow and cold weather, after about four days, I have decided that hell is capped in ice and snow there and if there is fire it is only to try to get warm and they fact you never can is the torturous part. Anyway we have been moving alot lately, Travel days really wear on me mentally as nervousness and uncertainty overwhelm me, especially in this area where you don't know if the road on your map is open yet, I really don't like the uncertainty, but without it there would be no adventure. Stayed in Manti-Sal and all was good until the locals came knocking yesterday like I was freddy kruger some sick fuck is going around the town trying to lure little girls astray and because I live in a van I am therefore guilty. I hate humans sometime. Anyway life is good just cold hanging out indoors watching movies..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow on my parade, Deathdefying escapes, near death expeirences and brazen rescues.

So we wake after our horror-filled night, and decided it was time to roll, after spending most of the morning hanging out with a biker from daytona who has work in the north rim for the summer, and some other bikers from Slovenia, I get the bug to ride. We are headed north to the Dixie National  forest  where we have found a nice dispersed campground and some cool trails I spent some time in this area when I was younger, both when I had a family and afterward. The first thing on the agenda is to get a bolt for my solar panel, one rattled lose on the camp verde road, then we/I hit this nice little pizza joint in Kanab $5 all you can eat lunch buffet (well worth it if your in the area). North we ascend but as we turn off into the forest we see the devils cold breath has covered the mountains in snow still sticking but melting, creeks overflowing, very pretty. The road to our awesome campground is about 18 inches deep we decide not to precede and head back down below the snowline with some ducking and dodging we find a nice south facing site. and Immediately unload the bike put warm clothes on tell Bella to get in the van,she complies, I hit the road and after about 4 minutes I learn dirtbikes like the snow about the same as I, but there is some mud to play in, so fun is being had. Then as I turn a corner I hit a wet spot, the rear tire starts slipping, my heart hits my stomach then my throat,  I try to keep upright but I am sliding and my feet can't catch the ground to regain control, all I can think about is keeping my head from hitting the ground because my beanie is not snell approved, tuck my chin, heart pounding, and down I go leg pinned, laying in mud. I lay there laughing and enjoying the moment as I feel no pain I can't tell if I am hurt or numb. but as I start to regain my composure and start standing up . I look over my head and see a savior, all 6 pounds of her running towards me fear and determination in her eyes. She heard me go down, broke out of the van and came to rescue me, awesome!!! I get the bike up and started and ask her to follow me back to make sure I am safe.As she runs feverishly behind me, I can't help but think about this new game where I ride and she runs behind, but I think that my wait for a dryer area. Bella biscuits are distributed

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghost rapping at my door Zombies waking up

I get in this RV park and get assigned a spot next to the cemetery, And in what is a terrible rainstorm all I can hear is the sloshy footsteps of Zombies around me and hear the ghostly howls outside my van. I sent bella out 2 hours ago to check it out, but she hasn't come back yet. Maybe I should open the door and see whats taking her so long, Kanab is an interesting town.

To Wong Foo. Thanks for everything, Arizona

Well I rolled out of Arizona accidentally the other day, I say accidentally because I missed an entire forest and had to move forward instead of going back. I started the day at the grand canyon which is grand to say the least, took full advantage of National Parks week by also visiting Glen Canyon after missing the Kaibab National Forest. The top of Arizona is a sad depressing place the 89 is a lonely highway, thru Navajo Nation. So I went to lake powell and had some fun. Next I stopped at nice BLM campground for four days of hiking and rockclimbing Bella still can't climb I need to get a backpack to put her in so she can check out the View Sometime. Any way I can't understand why some of the trails in this area charge a fee, it doesn't make sense to pay a fee for me walking in the desert aimlessly. Thats like going to a restaurant and cooking your own food. Any way now I am in a rv park because I was too lazy to drive anymore.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'll Go again, but only if we take your car

If you like hot springs then here is a review on the verde hot springs, I left Camp Verde I went for a pleasurable drive to the Verde hot springs well sort off... First of all the road there is one of those 15/50 roads you know so wash boarded that if you can't go 50 u need to go 15 or the vehicle vibrates so bad you need to change your clothes and rebuild your walls. And as it is winding, you must go 15 very nice scenery some high desert and what not. After the first 12 miles of the, lets shake you like a baby, road you turn off onto a winding steep high clearance only road which is just as fun as the other but with more sense of danger. Then you get the the "campground" no places to camp and all the spaces are on top of each other, but oh well made some friends watched people get there Ford stuck in the river and a dodge pull it out, the springs themselves not that great a 4x4 concrete pool with heated water small not very hot just not worth the drive, so Bella and I rolled out early and took the other way out and it wasn't so bad. Oh well went some nice people took a bath. whats next

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing to see here move along

Well I spent 4 days in Aqua Fria National Monument awesome place and the rangers really like to keep it up, they put fresh rock down on the road while I was there to combat the damage from rain. It has a trail down a wash which leads to a bubbling brook of a river and some petrogylphs, which leads me to the question, Why are ancient drawings always stick figures was there no art critics or people that actually wanted to make a nice picture? It is it that the societal needs called for work to be done instead of supporting the arts? Anyway it was very nice and I was the only camper, but it is a popular place lots of day users enjoying the amenities.  But alas, I must move on and head on to the north so the next stop is Camp Verde, hope it is all that it is billed to be..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snow and press skit

So I arrive into prescott on sunday get to the dispersed camping sites all is awesome. Big trees and streams nice trails to ride and some deer too. After about 3 days I hear warnings of snow, oh well I think but as it started snowing and days became long in the van It was too cold to stay. I do not like the snow that much especially if I have to sleep in below freezing conditions. So we rolled out. As we first sat where we are in this bucks using wifi my laptop charger exploded send people running and sparks flying, being to lazy and unorganized and not having a laptop to use to reorder from amazon I was forced to purchase one for 75 dllrs from wally world, boooo!!! Oh well this one has a 2 year warranty and 1 year replacement I will get my monies worth. anyway time to roll to some desert and find a laundromat.

On the Road again

Well i left out of Golden Valley with a dirtbike and new sense of adventure, As I rolled into congress I noticed the vastness of desert and immediately began riding after about an hour or so the bike starts acting up so I park it and enjoy the day. The next morning I head to the gas Station a whole 4 miles away but 2 miles in I am out of gas. Luckily some passerby gave me a ride back to the van so I could breakdown camp and go get gas. The next day I take an awesome ride with a friend through the desert to a ghost town, pretty cool, but when we arrive back the bike will no longer start. I am not discouraged as the hours I already rode it more than made up for the price after letting it sit for a couple days and doing some internet research I clean the plug and it fires up!!! Yay!!! I quick ride and it is time to move on to another place.....