Friday, April 29, 2011

I am pretty sure hell is capped with Ice

Well as I get closer to Logan I encounter more snow and cold weather, after about four days, I have decided that hell is capped in ice and snow there and if there is fire it is only to try to get warm and they fact you never can is the torturous part. Anyway we have been moving alot lately, Travel days really wear on me mentally as nervousness and uncertainty overwhelm me, especially in this area where you don't know if the road on your map is open yet, I really don't like the uncertainty, but without it there would be no adventure. Stayed in Manti-Sal and all was good until the locals came knocking yesterday like I was freddy kruger some sick fuck is going around the town trying to lure little girls astray and because I live in a van I am therefore guilty. I hate humans sometime. Anyway life is good just cold hanging out indoors watching movies..


  1. brrrrrrrrrr... it's chilly donw here, it must be REALLY chilly up there! sorry about the intrusion. If I had a little girl, I'd be suspicious of strange vans in the area, too. Vans are a predators vehicle of choice. There is a solution, though. In order to free the world of that stereotype, let's remove all the predators from the world!

    I hope you were able to put their minds at ease. and it warms up, soon!

  2. Why are you in the snow? I thought you moved to AZ to get away from it.