Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lots of activites and a self imposed exile

I guess you could say I have a been a tinge busy since arriving, but as someone pointed out it has been three weeks since I last wrote. Work has gotten to be stale, so I asked for a transfer (i will find out this week). Nothing totally new here with me, feeling good eating my meals at home, and going to the gym; started a new program, hope to see good results. I was Mr Social for the last few weekends going out and visiting every chance I had, Thursdays we would goto Jack's in Liberty for $1.25 burgers, one friday we attended the "Meat at the Mansion" event, this was a cool affair held at an old mansion here in Coffeyville (pronounced Coff-ee-ville) there were tours and then a band played while we chowed down on BBQ provided by Russ'( a local establishment), last week we attended the Neewalloh festival parade in Independence, KS (photo above) and Saturdays have been more or less chatfests. I slowly noticed my bank account and energy level fading, as anyone who knows me knows it takes a fair amount of energy for myself to be public friendly and socially acceptable, so this weekend I placed myself in exile, and will more than likely continue it. While not completely shut off,  I am talking on the phone and had a wonderful couple come over for dinner last night; it was very nice and just the right amount of time as to not completely drain me. I am considering all of Central America this winter and summer, but only if I do not buy a sailboat or leave this job early. There is alot more I wish to touch on, but this is already getting lengthy. Hope the light is shining on your sides of the world. Have a great day.