Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bi-Annual So lonely Its Christmas Blog

Well hello everybody (both of you), welcome back to the ever depressing and morally reprehensible
" I am so lonely it's Christmas blog" .

What an exciting year, I started off in Mexico under a warm sky after spending a week with my mother and her newest husband,then drove off to Baja for sun and relaxation. Upon coming to my senses, I travelled to  Europe to see my one true Bulgarian love, we spent much time together and I departed for Poland. In Poland I met some amazing people and earned a CELTA certificate to teach English. This was my future plan, in this moment, I could stay in Europe and teach and be with my heart. However as it turns out, much as this blog documents, the more things change the more they stay the same. Currently I am alone, cold, and trapped. All these terms are quite literal in meaning and I will address them as such.

Firstly, after much fighting and arguing about the future, I am alone, two and half years and many wonderful times later, my girlfriend decided to throw me away, not because she was aware of any
transgressions or any misbehavior's; but because I want a future with her and she is not yet ready to commit. Story of my life, I always desire the one thing I can never have.

Secondly, the cold, I am currently working at a language school in Saint Petersburg, Russia; I am an English teacher.My days are filled with great people and amazing children. Most of my day is spent at home relaxing, but it is very cold or so they say (Minnesota was colder). We only get about 7 hours hours of daytime and without sun.

Lastly, the trapped part, I choose to come to Russia because it was the highest paying job in Europe I could acquire, thus visits with "the one" could be more frequent and less expensive. However since arriving the ruble, which I am paid in, has lost 50% of its value, rendering my paycheck  almost useless. Now, while inflation has yet to rear its ugly head, I am still strapped by a ridiculous exchange rate. Therefore I can not depart satisfactorily. Add into this that because of previous deplorable acts, which I committed in the State of Texas, my Arizona driver's licence has been revoked. I had a hearing, but I am in Russia. I am a van dweller, keyword VAN, this means I live in a van, if I have no licence I have no house. Also, on top of all this somebody, unbeknownest or maybe beknownest, came into my abode and helped themselves to all the money I had saved: let me do this equation for you
(ruble crash+broken heart+winter in Russia+No licence+self-imposed solitude+violent mugging= I am so lonely its Christmas blog.)

In conclusion, life is not so bad Vodka and champagne are cheap, I am not in America, and I liked almost love my job, I know its not so bad and life is amazing. I had a ton of great adventures this year, blood soaked taxis, czech strip clubs, Australian spit-roasts, hostel adventures, broken cars, Vegas room service,  and I only wish I could divulge them all like I used to, but my relationship status changed that.

On the positive side, I may be able to become the drifter again and tell the tales of debauchery you all love so much.

Adios, Leka nousht, Good night, and Merry Christmas