Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lets Do it, One Year In, on the road, What I have learned

           Well, Today marks one year since a lost heartbroken soul with no ID, two gas cans, and a "friends" truck picked me up at my mother's and got me started on this  journey. While I'd like to go down a huge list of things I learned like How to make a didgeridoo, the value of shiny rocks, true friends love you with nothing and in LA you can participate in a porno, in a hotel room with Micky Mouse wallpaper.
            Or run down bragging about the tantric sex instructor I spent hours with in St Paul, or how many chicks I saw naked; the truth is: sex is great, I can now go for days now instead of hours and seeing a girl naked more than once loses it charm after a while.
                 I could say stereotypical things like; I really learned  things about myself, that deep down inside  I am a loving creature and those who waste their energy on hate and resentment are only cheating themselves. I find it easier to love and forget, I love everyone. I can spend time saying things like the country is in bad shape and people are broke, and the people I met with nothing seemed to have everything. 
         I might as well stand on my soapbox and preach about how awesome weed is and how I wish I had a joint everyday, but being the "new guy " always leaves you with no hookup, or how hippies stink, but we all know that and I usually don't smell so good nowadays. I could defend that by preaching about the value of water conservation or how chicks dig pheromones, but truth is sometimes taking a shower is a fucking inconvenience. 
              I could talk about all the useful tricks and techniques I learned about survival. Things like how to find a shower, free breakfast, or the best indoor pools, but truth is if you have a question ask and I will find an answer. I could talk about skewed faith, beliefs, and political ideologies.  I want to discuss my philosophy of my 3 S's with the world but they can wait for the book,  here is a preview; all I do everyday is try to Survive, have Sex, and Smile, I learned this from watching squirrels on the back end of a space bag (maybe some pot too).
         All in all I learned it is easier to accept help, be open to people, and sometimes just stop saying "NO" (while that may cause problems its an adventure worth having), sometimes pissing the bed is unavoidable, FREECAMPSITES.NET  is the best road resource on the planet and they travel with one of the coolest and cutest girls on the planet And while we are discussing cute and cool girls/women The TUCKERBAG is the best blog out there for stealthers and anyone really.. It is always better to give then receive and sometimes you have to let go of someone to give them a better life. I learned I am not done learning and I know nothing. Sadness still happens in Utopia and tears flow just the same, hugs are amazing, I have so much more to learn. I would love to field questions from any and all search David Drifter on facebook to find me ask anything. I am, if anything, completely honest, I love you all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Peace in My Obliviousness

      I, for intents and purposes live in my own world, often refering to myself as Captain Oblivious because I am usually lost in my own thoughts. Most of my thoughts are self sacrificial ones where as I put my pride away and do things to make others days brighter whether its tell them a joke or hand them a compliment, at least I try. In my mind if I can spread a little of my peace to someone else and get them to smile and forget for a second about the things around them I have had a good day. I find this more and more in my relationship with my mother, some people see it as me bending backwards to make her not "freak out" about little things, where as i see it as one less thing she needs to do, if I can help make her day brighter I will.  So back to Obliviousness living inside my head causes me to miss things, preconceived notions are rarely in my head, as are ulterior motives. My honesty and openness  tends to get me in trouble alot, and what may be obvious to you I generally miss. The back motives or little glances, so when dealing with me just be honest because otherwise I will keep trying to make life better for all.

       I am happy living my life and do not mind the sacrifices I have made to live my way so please keep your petty materialistic nonsense out of my aura for it is pure and doesn't need any shit clouding it. I am easy to love and easy to give love because I am a loving creature; without the needless sense of self that makes love difficult. While many fault me as to easygoing  and complacent, and yes I understand I am single because most women want stronger men who will take charge. Well,  that is not me, I am a true partner, one who will do what needs to be done to make someone happy, I am willing to shed who, I am willing to sacrifice my "self" for anyone I love; and while I may die a lonely martyr, I will do so with the hope that I made an impact on my own terms. And if you need something just ask because I will never "get it" if you beat around the bush. Still have no News Years Date any ideas???

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Kind of Crazy

Well it seems as though the winter months are slow spots for many bloggers, as it is with me, I have gotten a little off track. I finished in Kansas and  had to head back to Austin a little earlier than expected, but I got what I wanted out of Amazon and would like to go back another time. I learned some things, met some wonderful people and even had a date of sorts, hence the title of the blog. I always seem to find the most insane girl in anyplace and latch on to them and while she does hold a special place in my heart and will make some man very lucky one day (and some kid very resentful) I am resigned to try other options,  but enough of that. I am in Austin with my dog, cat, mother, mothers roommate, mothers boyfriend, and 2 other dogs this seemingly quiet house has come alive in my absence, it is nice to be surrounded by so many people after a year alone on the road, while I do find it hard to return to mainstream society I am adjusting nicely and having a good time.

I will be joining my best and only friend in the world for a night of wrestling action featuring my favorite independent star, this Sunday at the Mohawk here in Austin. We are having a Christmas party at my moms on Saturday which should be fun, there will be food and games, I hope my friend will come so I will be more outgoing.

I am getting ready to WWOOF for the next year, I leave for Guadalajara on the 6th of January, I have no schedule and no real plans after my first assignment on a small farm/bakery, the projects sound wonderful doing earth building, yoga, Vegan cooking, gardening and several construction rehab projects. I do have a couple ideas and dates I want to hit; October 12th is the Venezuela elections and I would like to be in Caracas for them because I think it will be a World Defining moment. I also would like to attend the World Rainbow Gathering in Mexico City in December and celebrate the end of the Mayan Calendar on top of a pyramid. I can't wait and I know I will be broke and have to figure out a way to adjust if/when I return to the states, but its going to be an experience that not everyone is willing to take. I want to update this again a couple times before I leave, but in case I do not get the chance, I love all of you and everyone of your families, life is important, and time is valuable. If your wasting your time and not living the life you want then its up to you to change it. Once again I love you all, and I still need a New Years Date ladies, Austin is wonderful this time of year 65 and sunny.

Be excellent to each other

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lots of activites and a self imposed exile

I guess you could say I have a been a tinge busy since arriving, but as someone pointed out it has been three weeks since I last wrote. Work has gotten to be stale, so I asked for a transfer (i will find out this week). Nothing totally new here with me, feeling good eating my meals at home, and going to the gym; started a new program, hope to see good results. I was Mr Social for the last few weekends going out and visiting every chance I had, Thursdays we would goto Jack's in Liberty for $1.25 burgers, one friday we attended the "Meat at the Mansion" event, this was a cool affair held at an old mansion here in Coffeyville (pronounced Coff-ee-ville) there were tours and then a band played while we chowed down on BBQ provided by Russ'( a local establishment), last week we attended the Neewalloh festival parade in Independence, KS (photo above) and Saturdays have been more or less chatfests. I slowly noticed my bank account and energy level fading, as anyone who knows me knows it takes a fair amount of energy for myself to be public friendly and socially acceptable, so this weekend I placed myself in exile, and will more than likely continue it. While not completely shut off,  I am talking on the phone and had a wonderful couple come over for dinner last night; it was very nice and just the right amount of time as to not completely drain me. I am considering all of Central America this winter and summer, but only if I do not buy a sailboat or leave this job early. There is alot more I wish to touch on, but this is already getting lengthy. Hope the light is shining on your sides of the world. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Culture Shock

After spending my Summer in Logan, Ut. I am finding myself in a state of culture shock upon returning to the organized world. It is weird to see other people smoking in public and not getting a wierd look at the store. It is also weird to so people drinking in public again. Kansas is by far not the most cultural place, but compared o Logan its insane. I have made both a gay and black friend, so thats kinda nice. I am though in an RV park about 6 miles from town but that is still  not at isolated as before. I have gotten into a nice routine of gym, groceries work and I am enjoying my time. There are some younger people a work, but I have yet to make a connection, I feel as though I am seriously lacking in social skills, being alone for such a long period of time I am finding it harder to adjust to being "human". The use of basic manners has left me as my more animalistic side took over fo months, I find it hard to use eating utensils and become self conscious when eating because in the van I eat make a mess and then clean myself up. I am a work in progress but maybe I can become human again. I hope so at least.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So far, Not so good.

Well I got here a week ago tomorrow and things have not been very good, yet. First as I got all dressed up and went to work on Sunday for what was to be my first day, I was regretfully made aware of the fact that my background check has not come back (which I cannot understand, my paperwork was submitted in June someone  seriously sandbagged on this) and I would not be able to start but maybe Wed. SO, today being Wed I was hoping to start my job, but as orentation started at 8am and I did get a call about my check until 10am I won't be able to start until Sunday (my original start date, they asked me to come early so I left the campground 2 weeks early). Not only am I out those 2 weeks pay, but I as I have not started yet am responsible for my 1st week of the RV park a total of $126.00, which in my world is 4 weeks of groceries, but what am I supposed to do.
                    My dish network was not working, so I call them and they can not use there free dish mover service because I am in an RV, they refer to a guy, I call him he makes no mention of money and he agrees to come out, and help me fine tune my dish, takes about 5 minutes and then dispite have dish free mover service and dish protection service he informs me I owe him $45.00, two more weeks of groceries, but what am I gonna do. So, I had $200.00 for about 6 weeks of food and it has all vanished, but what am I gonna do, so without making dollar one, am digging into my savings, starting to worry about my survival for the next few months. I need to start this job one week of work will make up for everything. I need protein powder and I wanted to use my savings for that,oh well. Also, my motorcycle blow up on my way to town the other day, after walking 6 miles back to the campground I reluctantly got the van and picked it up, So last Wednesday I was unceremoniously booted from a friends life, and since I have lost my bike and my grocery money what is going on in this world. Now I have to drive to the gym everyday to take a shower, so much for getting comfortable and because I have to go to them gym to take a shower I can no longer move my legs or arms.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We are Kansas any more

Well I unceremoniously got the boot from Minnesota, you know that 8am be gone before I get out of the shower talk, well it was actually "before I finish this cereal the sight of you makes me sick". Anyway I hit the road rather unprepared I was hoping to pick-up a mini fridge and space heater off of "the list" before I rolled, that did not happen, oh well I will make do. I hit the road heading south and soon arrived in Iowa, I must say the rest areas in this part of the country are great indoors, bathrooms, hot coffee machines, free Wi-Fi and dump stations. I stopped in a little town called Ames,( north of Des Moines) and ventured into Ames Powersports to get a new plug, light and 2 stroke oil, this by far was the best bike shop I have ever visited the gentleman behind the counter knew where everything was without a bunch of info and was very friendly if you are ever in Iowa I recommend a stop. I moved on and was soon into Kansas, oops I skipped Missouri not much to see on that side of the state. I made into Kansas and was a little tired so I stopped at the wal-mart, after a week of sleeping in someone else's house it felt real good to sleep in the van, I know I must be crazy to choose a van over a nice apartment right, well then I guess I am. I rather enjoy curling up into my own bed and listening to the sounds of passing cars soothing me to deep sleep.  I woke up this morning and after a stop at Sonic (Lo-cal Diet Cherry Limeades Are the shit)

I arrived at my RV park. Now I knew this was a new park but I thought it might be better. I find that the shower house isn't done, no bathrooms either, and because I am just in a van they want to put in some dark corner because I don't need more hookups other than an extension cord.  Thats all fine by me, so because I so abruptly left Minnesota all I wanted was a shower, I had dark dusturbing fantasies about soap and shampoo all day. I ventured into town to find the gym, sign up and take a shower, but in this town there is one gym and no one works there, well there are hours on the door,but no one inside,  I call the number that is on the door that says "call we can be here in 15 mins" and the lady says I can meet you tomorrow, so  no shower today. So I head back to my site get unpacked and lay in wait for a big day tomorrow,  ordered some dope off the web, failed to get my satellite set-up, and now I am goin to go to sleep. I start work in 2 days it should be exciting!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Target Field

Went to a ballgame on Saturday it was nice because I got to use the bus and train and see a new stadium. While it is nice and new it has yet to gain personality the Metrodome had these dangerous steps and places to get lost. Well I did get lost they seem to make a good deal of signs showing you how to get to your section but not so many on hw to get out of the stadium, so after the 7th inning i stood up and started walking around next thing I know I am in some lonely corridor lost wondering though press boxes and because I appear to be a homeless man no one ever offers to help, thats when I decided to shave. Sorry about the randomness

Not Ready to Go

Well today is the day I should be leaving Minnesota, but it is a little drizzly and I don't wanna drive in the rain. Also, I really don't want to leave just yet, Its not that it has been an overly fun time or underly, either it has just been time..I have been actively looking for a trailer, but to no avail and I think I am going to table that Idea once again, what do I need it for?? My next site has showers and power hookups so I can grab a minifridge and I am good. Plus I plan on going to Mexico for awhile after 2012 starts so I don't wanna leave a trailer at my moms house. Knowing her she will rent it out to some drunk while I am gone. So I am sitting here wondering why I am sitting here and know that I have talked myself into saving cash by not buyin a trailer I am going to order some chinese. Oh yeah got my twitter setup again so if you want to know what I think of about without a filter follow me @theDavidDrifter

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Political Rant of The Week

As I was driving though South Dakota I noticed some billboards for pro-life causes and it seems like these billboards are an effort of a one sided war, the opposite side of the issue has no dog in the fight, you never see pro-choice billboards or easy cheap abortion ads. So, i got thinking what would these billboards be like if the clinics advertised. Here are some Ideas please feel free to be offended, that's your choice.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Like Sand through the Hourglass this is my day in WHYoming

So I stayed at a city park last night and woke real early and hit the road. I let my gps choose the route as the shortest one and as soon as I turned off the highway I thought of the line from Road Trip , "if a shortcut were easy, it would be called the way" but I was on a county road as both the GPS and the signs assured me. I soon became aware that they don't pave county roads in Wyoming so after about 60 miles through some gorgeous unpaved  grassland road, in which I got to see my first Antelopes and a bunch of cows, I blow out my rear tire, and the van is not equipped with a spare ( I needed room for the satellite dish). I phone my nearest triple A, but as I am in the middle of nowhere I could not inform them as to where I was, exactly. My tow truck driver soon phoned me after a series of phone calls and neither of us knowing where I was. I unload the motorcycle and start going foward on the road, Luckily I find some construction workers and I am no longer lost in the middle of Wyoming. I bought a used tire and headed on the road. Now as I am heading down the road I hear a pounding on the roof Uh-oh my solar panel is flapping and then it was gone. I am now out of Wyoming sitting in a bucks just outside of Mount Rushmore (that place is Beautiful and the patriotism brought a tear to my eye).  More on that another day, Time to visit FREECAMPSITES.NET and find a place to crash.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the Road Again

frefreWell Today I hit the road, I am heading east towards Minnesota then to Kansas to work for Amazon. So as I roll out it finally hits me that Bella is gone, and I am on the road alone. I am going though South Dakota so I am considering while I am in the state I can change everything over. But first I must visit and find a spot to stay tonight you all should do the same.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Time has come to End this nightmare

I have been given an early release and should be heading out next Tuesday. I think I will head to Mt Rushmore and Minnesota, I got some apologies to make and I want to check out the new ballpark. This summer has been fun and I have come to appreciate people more than ever, I love this pace as well as dislike it immensely, I will miss Logan, but I have been there done that. Its time to hit the road if only for 10 days before My next stop.

My Disease as an outsider Looking in

I couple weeks ago, I got  watch my disease in action as I was invited to join a family for dinner and drinks. I watched the painful disintegration of a family though an outsiders eyes, as alcohol turned a seemingly nice person into a monster berating her children and spewing venom. It is a terrible thing to witness, but I am glad to have watched it because sometimes I forget about the hypnotic effect. For every party where everyone is smiling, there is the one where everyone is crying. I also spent some time watching another group's weekend turn from an amazing trip to just sitting around as one co-dependent  cleans up after a stumbling squirrel. I am currently not sober but close to it, I am aware of myself and I struggle on, it is hard to say no but easy not to buy in. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another week down

Well I have made it another week and it has been a good one. After a hellish weekend we had a company meeting which is good because you get to see familiar faces and bitch about guests. Then I got a neighbor, a nice lay moved in to help out with the day use area so I am not so lonely anymore, tons of small dogs on the pound website today, I may be accruing a friend only time will tell. I hope all is well on your front.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I used to walk uphill 2 Miles to make a phonecall

Well alot of insanity this weekend, there was homemade beer, a ren fair wedding, late night swimming, and even a drunken camphost who fell and sprained his wrist. I survived another week here in desolation, but on wed last week my satalite went out so I climbed 2 miles straight up the mountain and made a call. Now that did not seem to help so I gave up and read a couple books, but yesterday I tried again, t the top I went, I actually got somewhere this time and got to veg out I also took these pictures with my new camera phone.This is a terrible entry but oh well just haven't been feeling very spectacular lately. oh well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Wanna Be a Homeless Hero

I have no clue what that title means other than it sounded good. I have had a good day took a shower at the university, abused the laundromat wi-fi, and got enough food for a month at the food bank. Free food is always good for 2 reasons, 1st you get random grab bags of cans so every bag is like a present you never know whats inside until you unwrap it. and 2nd alot of the food at the food bank is the healthier stuff no one buys I got some sweet whole wheat pasta and oatmeal with a box of Starbucks chai tea. I got some good healthy stuff except for some poptarts!!! Awesome day.

I miss my gay friends

Well started the day today by stealing a shower at the local college, first hot shower in 3 months, feeling pretty good today. The season is winding down and I should be on the road soon, still not sure where I am going, Amazon has not sent my hire letter which is kinda messing with my winter vacation plans, I might just be staying stateside. Met some awesome people this week a great family and some cute ladies. Being in Northern Utah is like being stuck in 1950 middle America. Everyone has these nice nuclear families and tons of love to give, so much trust and happiness it is almost like the real world doesn't exist and family secrets are locked in a vault. There are no blacks, or gays and that makes me a little sad, I miss the fun and openess of gay friends, and the freeness of hippies and the real world view of black friends hopefully I will get back to these things soon. I miss my dirty, dark, tainted, sin-filled world.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Have Learned In My First 30 Years

Well,  I wrote a long on drawn out essay on what I learned in my first 30 years. It was full of hate and spite towards society, police, and the feudal lordship that is the world today, it took about 5 pages on paper, and then I remembered I have also learned people dislike self-righteous assholes who bitch about problems and then do not provide realistic solutions. So as I climb off my high horse, that is standing on a soapbox, and take a more realistic approach the things I know now are about the same as I knew when I was 5; be nice to people, share, biting is not cool, and fighting also. It is harder to get people to like you than to despise you, but on the other end it is easier to love someone and forgive their faults than it is to hate someone and hold grudges. My mommy is the only cool girl in the whole world, and the world is a big place ripe for exploring ( how come nobody has the job title "Explorer" anymore)  Just the basics. Now from my adolescence views have changed being numb and cloudy will not help you get freedom. The world is amazing with a fresh breath and clear head, I climbed out of the bottle in time to live a little. And my mommy is still the coolest girl in the world, but not the only cool one. SO on this day I wish myself a Happy Birthday because everyday I am alive is a great day, (God knows I tried not to be here numerous times). And, everyday is ripe for exploring, I am officially changing my occupation to Explorer. (or maybe Alexplorer)

Drunken and Well Fed.

(Disclaimer my page views have been slipping in the past couple months so in an effort to get them up I will be adding random keywords into this blog, this is most likely more annoying than funny but I have but one shot skip the all caps words)

Being a single camphost or maybe any camphost for that matter is quite an experience, SEX. I drive around and get alot of free meals, now here in Utah dutch ovens are quite popular so most of the meals come from them, NAKED MEN. Now I am learning what foods are  popular here, potatoes and root vegetables as well as hardy foods you would expect in a colder climate, SMURFS MOVIE. Most meals are very tasty, but differ little in flavor, the most drastic change I have noticed is the chili in Utah, BERT, ERNIE, AND OSCAR LOVE TRIANGLE. The chili here is quite sweet and I am pretty sure they use BBQ sauce in it and they have never heard of chili powder or CUMin. All in all most food is tasty and a great change from my pasta and shakes diet. I also am offered a wide variety of adult beverages and because the boozers in Utah are so out numbered as soon as the discover you are not Mormon, CHILD BRIDE, they welcome you in with open arms and stiff drinks. There is no wine here though. I find that quite odd. KILLER SQUIRRELS. Cobbler is the dessert of choice and I don't think I have ever or will ever eat so much of it again. JOHN WAYNE. Overall I am drunk and full most the time. It is this fat alcoholics WET DREAM.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A good time had by all?

I had another up and down week, golf cart breaks and then I fix it, then it goes to the shop. My Ereader got cracked on the screen, but I did get to meet alot of nice folks, on Saturday we had a wedding at the lake and the reception in the campground it was a very good service and many a tear was shed. I was invited to dinner with a nice family and after dinner we told jokes and stories and laughed alot, it was just what I needed at the time. I wandered over to the reception and met some wonderful people from all around the country, and after some celebrating, a triumphant trio took to the lake for some Midnight swimming. Then on sunday It started raining at about 6pm and did not quit until 2pm monday with everything soggy and wet the camp was in a somber mood, but soon sunny sunshine came out of hiding and made everyones day better. I hope the sun is shining on you and your smile is as wide as mine, have a great week and don't forget my birthday on the ninth. I love you all..

A Day in the Life of a Campground Host

I wish I could be one of those helpful bloggers that spread the message of Vandwelling and offers insight on how they live, but I am not that guy I am more just winging it out here. I will however give a glimpse of what I do as a campground host, daily. I wake up at about 6:30am, load up my golf cart with buckets and a shovel and do a quick round around the campground if no one disapeered in the middle of the night I check the restrooms and head back to the van.I make coffee using a merlita single cup drip coffee cone thingy
the only downside to this is the need for filters, but I reuse them about 3 times, I also use the boiling water to make soft boiled eggs for breakfast, soft boiled eggs are great, they are like over easy eggs but without grease and in their own little bowls, and they remind me of my dad he thought me how to make them however he called them 3 minute eggs but at this elevation it is more like 4 minutes then I grab my joe and drive over to the lake here I sit and let the Sun warm me up while I meditate and get centered for the day. At about 9 campers are stirring and moving out, as each moves out I clean the pit and area around the site, change reservation signs and check the fee tube. At around noon I go to the van and have an apple and meal shake for lunch. Around this time new reservations start arriving I check everyone in do a few more rounds and put on the show. Now it is 5pm so I go and make dinner I usally have pasta I perfer Ronzini Quick cook it cooks in about 3 minutes and taste good, I use a little olive oil and Italian seasoning, or I use small cans of tomato sauce and season to taste, ( I used to buy jarred sauce, but by make my own I cut the calories in half and get a better flavor as well as shelf life)
I then do all my paperwork, count the cash, and load firewood in my cart and do my last trip around. If someone needs wood I have it for them. The day ends about 8pm and I retire to the van to watch a movie or read. Thanks to all my readers I hope this was somewhat helpful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Whole New World

Well this week I had to move from my nice little campgrounds, to the biggest and most popular one. Its a good move in the fact that I can stay busy all the time and it is some 2000 feet higher and a little cooler, but there are so many campers and I am constantly stuck putting on the show and talking to people. My satellite tv doesn't work up there, so its still boring at wind down time, but I finished a book last night and will start one tonight. There is also alot of trails up here so I have something to do, with my birthday 2 weeks away it is starting to appear I will fail at my goal of having a date for my birthday oh well, really thinking about a trailer still a friend sent me a lead which is nice. The campground I am in is really kinda elitist ad people seem to mind the van I know fuck them but I also dont have privacy in my new site and need to shower somewhere. I hope they find someone to work this site so I can go back to my peaceful aloneness.  I wonder if drinking Utah beer wrecks my sobriety, I dont think so, but I also don't think it is worth the money just to clean out your kidneys. I hope everyone is good, I might be able leave earlier because of the change in elevation so I can visit a friend or 2 on to way to kansas. Hope you all are having a good time. Adios

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sometimes roller coasters are fun

What a weird week. I got all my sites open finally and am starting to work full time, but I had a bad morning on Saturday and almost walked away. My boss upset me so I was feeling shitty, then as I return to my site, I have some campers come by and we have great conversation and they brought me dinner, Its things like that, that turn a bad day  around. Then the last 2 days the boss has started being cool with me again. I have also met some cavers, I gues there is an entire system that runs in the area near me, they decided I would go with them next time they go. So all in all everything is good, and times are fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is no substitute for a good cobbler

Well, just got done at the pound, I am slowly starting to realize there is no substitute for miss Bella, so I left empty handed. And while fixing my shoe, a super glue tube exploded on me so my fingers are coated in glue as I type kinda cool, but also my foot is glued to my shoe. On the plus side I think I fixed it.

Just another tantric tuesday

I don't know, these are the three most valuable words in the English language, being able to admit you cannot do it by yourself.  I am thinking about selling out on my vandwelling brothers and sisters and adding a trailer to my collection. I'd really like to be able to stand up in my house and have refrigeration so maybe today's the day. here are both pros and cons to this, but I think the pros are better, plus if I need to go stealth 16-18 foot trailers have no real depreciation. Heading over to doggy death row today maybe I'll make a friend. things have been getting busy on the mountain, yay!!! I hope everyone is having a good time out there and if its too hot out there, I invite you to come and stay a week with me, I have enough room for 2 or 3 in my site, LM turner Logan canyon Utah. All are welcome.  Adios.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teething at 30

Several things have been going on this week, first and foremost is I am getting a new tooth in.  Yea I know it sucks right? It seems when they pulled my last tooth they freed up what ever was blocking my wisdom tooth from growing in, so here I am teething at 30 with no whiskey for the gums. The campers have been overly nice, as you would expect, I got given 3 meals on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday. Which is nice and all, but I have not been use to eating, so even a bite of real food feels me up, but I can't say no and let food goto waste, So for the last couple days I have been stuffed beyond belief. I should not be complaining about this. So on HBO last night was any interesting program called Citizen USA, the documentaries purpose was to go to naturalization services in all 50 states at meet new Americans. In the interviews you gain a new outlook on America, alot people are glad to become American because of safety, religious, and romantic freedoms. All things alot of us take for granted, The voices of immigrants stating that they love the friendliness and openness of America is eye opening and welcome. I just want to say, be nice today, love your neighbors, whether they be pakistani, mexican, white trash, or even Irish. Wave to someone random and toss a smile. Remember our tolerance and acceptance makes us great and if we lose that we can and will fail.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lone Wolf Mcdrifter

Sometimes you need to break something in order for it to heal and grow.

Well Bella rolled out yesterday, and I am a little sad about that. I still
find myself looking behind me waiting for her to catch up as I walk.
Now to use a tired but true cliche (as most cliches go they are true)
you don't know what you got till its gone. But I have felt this way before
lonely and missing that's what led to Bella in the first place. She went to a good
home with some old folks, that lost their dog about a year ago and did not have the time
or energy to train a new one, so Bella being well trained and awesome fits in nicely,
plus its a fact that people who own pets live longer happier lives. They promised to keep her trim
so she can live a long life. I am desperately wanting to head over to the doggy death row and
liberate a comrade, but I don't think I am quite ready yet and what if I can't get the next one
to be as awesome and cannot place it in a good home?? I really should not think like that because I
am the bestest at getting dogs to excel!!! Bella just wanted me to tell all the wonderful dogs
(and people) she got to meet while on the road, that  she has a yard, her own couch, and bed,
also farewell and thanks for not eating me.....

Blame The Irish (satire, if you get offened lighten up life is a joke)

How come all I ever hear about is how the Mexicans are stealing jobs and ruining this country???
When the Irish did it first? In the mid 1800s were  people sitting around blaming the Irish for
doing all the manual labor jobs, probably, but it is for the same reason it happens today, the
uneducated who are willing to work hard will always have work, while people continue to fall into
the pyramid scam that is college. Really, what make more sense working hard for 10 years after high
school or dropping out and being able to save say 5 grand a year, buying a house and having kids,
working your way up from laborer to mid management on the the way to executive, or independence,
or going to medical or law school in the same time and starting life with debts in excess of a
hundred thousand dollars??? Is doing all that worth it? It seems in this mans eyes only, that all
people really want is to be respected, so the Irish took the jobs no educated person would do, The sanitation workers,firemen, policemen, and yes construction laborious same as the immigrants before them and the current immigrants. The problem I see in America is that we are brainwashed into believing we have a sense of entitlement (were number 1)  and should  automatically be placed above everyone. The world needs laborers and middle management, and don't give me that illegal immigrant crap (side note I have met more Illegal Candians then mexicans) if all you had to do now was wait in a line and sign a book like in 1840 everyone would be legal, and we still have Irish entering Illegally today smuggled in, in barrels of guiness and jamison, thats why it taste better there than here because its missing the piss and sweat of an Irishman at sea for 2 weeks. So in closing blame the Irish for everything, the alcoholism, the catholic church, the over breeding of families,
(sounds like the mexicans), as well as, Chicago pizza,the red sox, ted kennedy, howdy doody, Bono, Sinead O'Connor, clowns (to make red hair more acceptable, colin farrell,ugly ginger babies, the myth of skin cancers, words like wicked, every dwarf being teased as a leprucan. At last but not least we can blame them for the obesity in America because in keeping the tradition of hiring immigrants for shit jobs/wages, they
started McDonalds...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bye, Bye Bella

Not much to do today, looking at losing 6 pounds by way of Bella, now I love her and she is great, but there is this nice couple staying in my campground this week, that she adores, I think she might have more fun being a house dog not a road dog. But I am undecided, I rescued her for just that a rescue and temporary companionship, with my proposed travel schedule in January it might be best to place her in a permanant home and then when I get lonely rescue another dog. I could be like a pound puppy social worker instead of rescuing one dog every 10 years I can rescue 10. It would be good for the dogs. I mean I do know how to pick the most awesome dogs ever. I will surely miss Miss Bella, so I don't know what I am going to do.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new day

Today is my day off of sorts, and I am in town at my favorite place the laundromat, no I don't have any laundry to do, but this is the quietest place with the fastest free wi-fi around. and the sounds of the dryers is rather Zen. I am looking into frieghter travel for this winter anyone have an opinion on that? The week was good, campers everywhere and kids abound. Kids in campground sadden me because I have yet to figure out how to act around them, I want to run and play ball, but in the sad paranoid state of America I find it hard to even talk to a kid because I don't want any trouble. I watch the families do family things and feel a little sad because I do not and never really had that much of a family, one day I hope to be the doting father playing ball with his kids, but for now I will enjoy my freedom get on a boat and see the world, when the time is right I will find what I am looking for. I will be going to Amazon in Kansas this fall to suffer and work. I hopefully can make it home for Xmas. Until then party on dudes and be excellent to each other.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There comes a time in life when you have to just say hello

I have had some good guest lately, but my first real guest was great, at about noon last thurs a nice gentleman in a ford diesel with an Artic Fox camper on it pulled in an found a spot as it was just the two of us there I figured I would talk to him, now usually people in diesel fords with Artic Fox campers are assholes, but this gentleman was nice and had a young black dog that played and chased Bella all around. I returned to my van to hang out as it was rainy not much to do outside, After an hour the camper came over and invited me to dinner, I agreed and at the agreed upon time I grabbed my cup and fork (I learn sometimes Jen) and went to dinner. It was very nice to sit and talk to someone for a while as well as dine on some awesome ribs and salad. When it was done I went home I was so glad he did not try to molest me after dinner, I mean I would have had to comply because he bought dinner and all, right?  Days are Long and good, got a TV I know its a waste but now I don't have to come in to use the web to download shows. I even get coast to coast on my radio at night. Hope everyone else had a good week

This- A Photoblog!!!!! (yes pictures)

  This is my dog, She is better than you
 This is how I get stuff from one campsite to another,  and the dog also fits in the rack
 This is what I eat, I am like a 10 year old boys dream I drink shakes all day
  This is a bench I made, pretty awesome huh?
   This is the view from my porch
  This is the guest campsite located in my site, so if anybody wants to visit your room is ready
  This is Bella's pet ground squirrel, Sparky right there he is eating her food

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little rain and a camper

Well my site opened on Friday and thus far I have had 1 camper a nice couple in an SUV who happened to kill there battery so I gave them a jump and they were on there way. I am considering adding a tv and satellite to my rig, without internets I ran out of time killers, I am Reading 1 and half books a day working out for about 2 hours and still can't fill the 15 hours of daylight I am getting so A tv might be nice on rainy days especially. But I do not know only time will tell. I am liking the area more now and my campsite has some nice terrain for hiking and what not, thats all I got

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Balance this way

Today I feel better than I have in weeks, not because of anything really other than it is warm enough to go outside and do some Yoga. I have found that nothing is more centering than yoga, you have to clear your head for concentration. Outside forces are no competition, I found a good spot on top of a table over looking the river. Very nice I recommend this for all, more so for  you silly people who still "work for a living" , clear a space and do some ohms.

Monday, May 30, 2011

3 days, 4 stores and 3 trips to best buy

Well yesterday I made the leap into a digital reader, I bought the android (we all know I love anything to with roids) based Pandigital Novel, It reads both nook and kindle books, has web browser, facebook, and I have already added about 75 free books to it and just in time because sometime this week I will be opening my site, without potable water, but nevertheless open. With opening come the 25 mile trek to town to take care of things, which will be most likely once a month unless I hitchhike down because driving that far sucks. I will not be posting, so read the old blogs and laugh, and cry. I plan on writing still and flooding the page with blogs, but today I have a gripe I have only a couple days of short drives left and the playstation store is down, how is it the one day I want to get a new game and some new comic books the playstation store is down oh well I guess I'll pay the same games. Started my summer liquid diet today, a little on edge, but feeling great. I hope the rain leaves soon and the skys open to sunshine i walked 3 miles today and my boots are soaked it seems as though all this rain has destroyed the waterproofing. Anyway to my site I go so now you can come visit.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It takes patience in this time of Now!

Its sunday so today I go shopping and do my laundry, I have spent too much on food again, mostly because lack of refrigeration mean instead of getting for ears of corn for a dollar I have to buy canned goods at 89 cents I need to figure out how to get a fridge into the van, and I also have been buying supplements, and meal replacement bars/powders because sometime in the next 7 days I will be sent to work my campground, and driving 40 miles to get some groceries should be a once a month thing. Why does a meal replacement bar cost more than a meal?? Thats like charging bicyclists for using the road. Anyway snowed last night, cold as shit. The laundromat is ok a bunch of people staring at big metal boxes like they are some supreme being, but they got wi-fi and I can download some movies and type this. I am not much on goals, but I have set one. Its so pathetic to even mention, but I turn 30 in 2 months and my goal is to have a date for my 30th birthday, last year on my birthday I received a 450 dollar ticket from the city of Georgetown while Ludevig was past out in the back seat, To accomplish this goal I have enlisted the help of Eharmony,,, and yes even I am even thinking about changing my sexual orentation to simply "living" wish me luck in my journey, And if you have a single cousin, sister, friend, mother, grandmother, grandfather, housecat, crackwhore that lives down on the street, and can get them to Logan let me know.

Friday, May 27, 2011

to reader or not to reader

I have been doing alot of reading lately and feel as though my monthly library trips will soon prove not enough. I have been looking into getting an E-reader or a tablet, but I have never used one and I not too sure if I will enjoy using it. I have tried to read on the laptop it is not very feasible for my eyes. I wonder if I should rent one a Wal-mart to see how i like it. While it would be a sound purchase and free room in the van, because book take space and right now I am sitting on about 20 books I have read but do not want get rid and in the forest, I have no one to trade with. The downside is I can no longer just gra a stack for 7 bucks at the library but there is ways around this of course. This is all I have to talk about today,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I got nothing

OK I officially have nothing to type here nothing new, heard an interesting fact on the radio today in the last 50 days it has rained 45 of them kinda shitty, but I am getting out and about while there are tiny breaks in the rain. I might get some hours this week, but next week is more likely, sent an application to a fireworks operator in New Mexico, to get a stand because when I flee I want to flee to some sort of work, anyone want to come to New Mexico and work and camp for 10days???? I wish I knew the name of the company that does fireworks in Austin, so I could go see my only friend, my cat and my dog, oh yeah mi madre also. Anyway everyone have a good day..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pity.....Pity.... Pity party of one

So I have yet to see the sun this week and am feeling a little down , but all is good after tears of pain flowed yesterday as I had found out  it was Friday and not Wed as I had thought. While not knowing what day it is may not seem like that big a deal, to most, to me it is extremely important if I lose a couple days then that means nothing happened that day therefore that day was wasted and not worth living. I try to something everyday to create a moment, but somewhere in my seasonal affective depression I lost some days. But all became well as I had some visions and a conference with the voices in my head, and decided to dance the night away. All is good I think and the sun is shining. I hopefully will be starting work soon, but I really just want some clear days so I can go out hiking and enjoying the area. Dont forget that as the camping season starts you should be visiting daily to find the best spots in your area.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

much ado about nothing and various artists

So as I type this today, I am just returning from my monthly library trip, public libraries are a great place to purchase used book for cheap most the time its only $.50 for a paperback and $1.00 for a hardcover not bad, and when your done you can trade it to someone for another book or use it as fire starter. Recently, I have been discovering a problem with my reading, it is getting too fast, a couple months ago it took me 2-3 days to get thru a book, now about 8 hours at this rate I will need to change my monthly visit into a weekly one.
  So onto my unexciting and boring life, I am bored and mainly because I have done all there is to do in the spot I am in. hiked all the trails to the point Bella is not even exploring anymore. I think back to the previous years when intoxication took up my boredom, I would do some lines, pop some pills, or swallow some shwill  and zone out until coherence would be available again, Now that I am living in a real world ( well as real as the world can get) it becomes difficult to find ways to past time, I would like hobbies, but most hobbies involve making something or buying something and for me as I want or need nothing, knitting a sweater or building a birdhouse, seems to be a waste of time.   I used to enjoy making steel coffee tables and painting, but in my footagely challenged environment it would seem to be excess, I am not good at music and don't ever have enough power or focus to write anymore. I need some drugs I could do enough just so that my campsite will be ready when I awaken, the fire rings will have been installed, the river will have receded, and I can have fun. I wonder if thats what sleeping beauty and rip van winkle thought, anyway that was a joke. I am gonna wait another week and if it still appears bleak I will head to the national gathering and  help with kitchen setup.
 I am officially trying to quit smoking again new regiment, every time I want a cigarette, I pop a lozenge ( I bought helpers) and do push ups until the urge subsides, but now I can barely move my arms, Anyway Hope the elves are having fun in this world and everyone is enjoying life

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got nothing to type, but I am here in what I am anticipating as the last time I log in for a while, but I really don't know with the campsites still being closed as fears of flood present themselves, I get bored and ride to town its not as fun as you would think I am on a bike lighter than me with skinny knobby tires weaving thru a canyon too stupid to place a helmet on, SO I  still come to town for 2 reasons I like to type this incoherent babble and I have a crush on the girl at the chevron. Any way I hope everyone is doing good and being excellent to each other. Life is funny that way, there are some nice dispersed sites here if anyone is bored.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Realizations of a spoiled upbringing

Here I am in Utah, where it is mid-may and 58 degrees with 3 days of rain in a row. Now as I sit and hide from the moisture it hits me how fortunate my upbringing was 350 days of sunshine a year, and right now in my birthtown  it is  75 and partly cloudy and will be in the mid 80's all week. I have yet to see the sun this week. Between the weather and the campgrounds not being ready to open on time, I am starting to reconsider my summer vocation, I looked at Bella today and she conveyed a look of "what the hell are we doing" I had to agree, MAYBE, I'll make it though the summer but first I have to get thru this week

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not much new but leaves suck

After 5 hours of leaf blowing I have decided to start a crusade to rid the world of leafy trees, they serve no purpose. They are like the 2 years of the tree world always in the way and leaving their shit everywhere for someone else to pick up. They have no use, don't give me that what about fruit line? Vegetables rock! What about houses? There are evergreen trees, concrete and steel. Speaking of concrete that stuff is awesome, most rocks are they leave little mess and some are valuable. What about shade? Well hunker down behind a large rock, same shade. plus some rocks are caves. So what am I saying is leafy trees suck. So do your part and chop down all you see. And on what I am doing, I am waiting to get to my campsite after the worst snowfall in Logan in 30 years, and the rangers are predicting that the mountain is going to flood, but Bella and I are hiking 4+ miles a day. till next time.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome To Logan, and self abuse runs wild

I made into Logan fascinating little mountain town, I have yet to meet my Bosses or go near my site, I just rolled out for a hike this morning and went to town because groceries are needed, I have been torturing myself lately, I bought these 4 movies on one disc collections at wal-mart but all these movies are horror movies about campers and road trippers being murdered in site so sleep has been rare, Now as I sit out starbucks where 4 mothers with 6 young children have gathered around me to drink sugary beverages and talk of nothing, It just make me wonder when did we stop taking children and play dates to the park?????????

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sea of gray, and little things I know about me

Well I made it to Salt lake City, just to find out as I get here, my site the one I planned at being at tomorrow is 3 feet deep, but I made other plans with my super. As I sit in my first metropolis since LA I am just enamored with it, the sea of gray and the mountains blend nicely. I spent most of the day yesterday driving around urban exploring, the one thing I like most about big cities is it gives me the opportunity to watch social interactions up close, to see how we as a people interact with others in  giant cages like dogs at the pound. I love to see people and interact. In the forest and camping area the only people you meet are like minded, while they still may hold jobs, they someday wish to "get away".  In the cities I meet opposition to my chosen way of life and I thoroughly believe the opposition can turn into motivation. Whether I motivate someone to get out there and enjoy, or they motivate me to buck society and keep on keepin on. If no one ever tells you, you are wrong, then how do you know your right? So I slept in a parking lot and stole some continental breakfast, now I head to the library to get some books, pawn shop to get movies, sports store to get a kayak ( I hope, its a big purchase, I'll more than likely back out of it).

Friday, April 29, 2011

I am pretty sure hell is capped with Ice

Well as I get closer to Logan I encounter more snow and cold weather, after about four days, I have decided that hell is capped in ice and snow there and if there is fire it is only to try to get warm and they fact you never can is the torturous part. Anyway we have been moving alot lately, Travel days really wear on me mentally as nervousness and uncertainty overwhelm me, especially in this area where you don't know if the road on your map is open yet, I really don't like the uncertainty, but without it there would be no adventure. Stayed in Manti-Sal and all was good until the locals came knocking yesterday like I was freddy kruger some sick fuck is going around the town trying to lure little girls astray and because I live in a van I am therefore guilty. I hate humans sometime. Anyway life is good just cold hanging out indoors watching movies..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow on my parade, Deathdefying escapes, near death expeirences and brazen rescues.

So we wake after our horror-filled night, and decided it was time to roll, after spending most of the morning hanging out with a biker from daytona who has work in the north rim for the summer, and some other bikers from Slovenia, I get the bug to ride. We are headed north to the Dixie National  forest  where we have found a nice dispersed campground and some cool trails I spent some time in this area when I was younger, both when I had a family and afterward. The first thing on the agenda is to get a bolt for my solar panel, one rattled lose on the camp verde road, then we/I hit this nice little pizza joint in Kanab $5 all you can eat lunch buffet (well worth it if your in the area). North we ascend but as we turn off into the forest we see the devils cold breath has covered the mountains in snow still sticking but melting, creeks overflowing, very pretty. The road to our awesome campground is about 18 inches deep we decide not to precede and head back down below the snowline with some ducking and dodging we find a nice south facing site. and Immediately unload the bike put warm clothes on tell Bella to get in the van,she complies, I hit the road and after about 4 minutes I learn dirtbikes like the snow about the same as I, but there is some mud to play in, so fun is being had. Then as I turn a corner I hit a wet spot, the rear tire starts slipping, my heart hits my stomach then my throat,  I try to keep upright but I am sliding and my feet can't catch the ground to regain control, all I can think about is keeping my head from hitting the ground because my beanie is not snell approved, tuck my chin, heart pounding, and down I go leg pinned, laying in mud. I lay there laughing and enjoying the moment as I feel no pain I can't tell if I am hurt or numb. but as I start to regain my composure and start standing up . I look over my head and see a savior, all 6 pounds of her running towards me fear and determination in her eyes. She heard me go down, broke out of the van and came to rescue me, awesome!!! I get the bike up and started and ask her to follow me back to make sure I am safe.As she runs feverishly behind me, I can't help but think about this new game where I ride and she runs behind, but I think that my wait for a dryer area. Bella biscuits are distributed

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghost rapping at my door Zombies waking up

I get in this RV park and get assigned a spot next to the cemetery, And in what is a terrible rainstorm all I can hear is the sloshy footsteps of Zombies around me and hear the ghostly howls outside my van. I sent bella out 2 hours ago to check it out, but she hasn't come back yet. Maybe I should open the door and see whats taking her so long, Kanab is an interesting town.

To Wong Foo. Thanks for everything, Arizona

Well I rolled out of Arizona accidentally the other day, I say accidentally because I missed an entire forest and had to move forward instead of going back. I started the day at the grand canyon which is grand to say the least, took full advantage of National Parks week by also visiting Glen Canyon after missing the Kaibab National Forest. The top of Arizona is a sad depressing place the 89 is a lonely highway, thru Navajo Nation. So I went to lake powell and had some fun. Next I stopped at nice BLM campground for four days of hiking and rockclimbing Bella still can't climb I need to get a backpack to put her in so she can check out the View Sometime. Any way I can't understand why some of the trails in this area charge a fee, it doesn't make sense to pay a fee for me walking in the desert aimlessly. Thats like going to a restaurant and cooking your own food. Any way now I am in a rv park because I was too lazy to drive anymore.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'll Go again, but only if we take your car

If you like hot springs then here is a review on the verde hot springs, I left Camp Verde I went for a pleasurable drive to the Verde hot springs well sort off... First of all the road there is one of those 15/50 roads you know so wash boarded that if you can't go 50 u need to go 15 or the vehicle vibrates so bad you need to change your clothes and rebuild your walls. And as it is winding, you must go 15 very nice scenery some high desert and what not. After the first 12 miles of the, lets shake you like a baby, road you turn off onto a winding steep high clearance only road which is just as fun as the other but with more sense of danger. Then you get the the "campground" no places to camp and all the spaces are on top of each other, but oh well made some friends watched people get there Ford stuck in the river and a dodge pull it out, the springs themselves not that great a 4x4 concrete pool with heated water small not very hot just not worth the drive, so Bella and I rolled out early and took the other way out and it wasn't so bad. Oh well went some nice people took a bath. whats next

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing to see here move along

Well I spent 4 days in Aqua Fria National Monument awesome place and the rangers really like to keep it up, they put fresh rock down on the road while I was there to combat the damage from rain. It has a trail down a wash which leads to a bubbling brook of a river and some petrogylphs, which leads me to the question, Why are ancient drawings always stick figures was there no art critics or people that actually wanted to make a nice picture? It is it that the societal needs called for work to be done instead of supporting the arts? Anyway it was very nice and I was the only camper, but it is a popular place lots of day users enjoying the amenities.  But alas, I must move on and head on to the north so the next stop is Camp Verde, hope it is all that it is billed to be..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snow and press skit

So I arrive into prescott on sunday get to the dispersed camping sites all is awesome. Big trees and streams nice trails to ride and some deer too. After about 3 days I hear warnings of snow, oh well I think but as it started snowing and days became long in the van It was too cold to stay. I do not like the snow that much especially if I have to sleep in below freezing conditions. So we rolled out. As we first sat where we are in this bucks using wifi my laptop charger exploded send people running and sparks flying, being to lazy and unorganized and not having a laptop to use to reorder from amazon I was forced to purchase one for 75 dllrs from wally world, boooo!!! Oh well this one has a 2 year warranty and 1 year replacement I will get my monies worth. anyway time to roll to some desert and find a laundromat.

On the Road again

Well i left out of Golden Valley with a dirtbike and new sense of adventure, As I rolled into congress I noticed the vastness of desert and immediately began riding after about an hour or so the bike starts acting up so I park it and enjoy the day. The next morning I head to the gas Station a whole 4 miles away but 2 miles in I am out of gas. Luckily some passerby gave me a ride back to the van so I could breakdown camp and go get gas. The next day I take an awesome ride with a friend through the desert to a ghost town, pretty cool, but when we arrive back the bike will no longer start. I am not discouraged as the hours I already rode it more than made up for the price after letting it sit for a couple days and doing some internet research I clean the plug and it fires up!!! Yay!!! I quick ride and it is time to move on to another place.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shake off the dust...Arise can't keep a badman down

So Now that I have dusted off the funk and self doubt that comes with being indoors to long, I got some shit done on the van and am ready to hit the road met up with great friends Cindy and Stumpy for a Cracker Barrel breakfast, and then slept the rest of the afternoon. But in true Alx fashion I had to drop some change while being inside too long, I went out and bought myself a new (to me at least) motorcycle.  I must say the DMV in Arizona is fucking awesome $24 and 24 minutes and I got a plate and title. So its time to move on and find my smile.( Its right where I left it on a nightstand years ago) Just kidding, I dont really have much else to say because well I am happy to be waiting on a final load of laundry, taking trips though the desert periodically waiting for the next chapter of this life to begin. So I leave you with this.  Life is good, Life is an experience worth having, don't work away your life to get the Ideals of happiness, make sacrifices and find your true center.

More things change more they never will

Well rolled into Golden Valley, AZ, to visit my grandmother, build some solar panels, do some other things to the van. I get here and am immediately inundated with 21st century American culture, TV on, computer with unlimited access. I am overloading with stimulus and thus it is hard to focus on tasks at hand,(off topic, but being no one reads this anyway I'll get personal on my feelings, So I am watching this TV stuff and I see societies vision of happy people, house, car, family, friends, and loved ones. I watch and I comes to the realization that I don't think I have felt someones else love for me in about 27 months, friends far and too few, my house is my car, it seems as though something is wrong with me, as I crave the love of another whether it be a simple prolonged hugs or something more, I wish I could be normal sometimes as they are in the fantasy of TV anyway so I have been sad for a few days because of this, but I did want to tell you people out there with kids, significant others, and loving friends, don't take them for granted and cherish every moment the grass is brown on this side.) I started with making my solar panel, not recommended the cells are very fragile it take extreme care and patience, which sometimes do to my past my hands shake too much and I ended breaking more cells than using, but I got it done and it should last all summer then I will buy a commercially made one, but its a lesson I have learned, I got my seat in, This is a really depressing blog so I am going to end it.. 

Water fun life and Adventure

So I left Quartzsite in desperate search of wetter grounds, Now I got a tip on a spot right on the river in Eherenberg, AZ, very nice place where burros sound off through the night and leave "gifts" by your campsite at night, very enjoyable place. Went swimming, fishing, wish I had more time there, oh well, it was time to move North to accomplish some things.Thanks goto FREECAMPSITES.NET for the photo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wow how time can change things.

I rolled into Quartzsite last night and it looks like the town I had fun in 2 months ago execpt everything is gone, This senior winter break spot has dried up, Only a few straglers and what nots left here, not much to say it is quiet but hot I am off to find some water to play in.

Fat Tuesday and Fat Tacos

The time came to leave slab city and Start my descent north to Utah, I rolled out and headed for Yuma to visit a friend of mine that I couldn't wait to see, I picked him up at work we got some groceries and headed to a campsite the next few hours and the day that followed are still a bit hazy, but I do know that my companions from showed up and we all survived, So having lost Monday due to carryover, Tuesday became the day Me and my 2 Amigos headed to Los Algondones across the border for debauchery, dental work, da tacos, and damn fine women. While my friend was in the dentists we sat out side at a cafe drinking 40s of Tecate and eating tacos, soon this progressed to strip clubs and "lap dances" All in all it was a good day and my friend got some dental work. Fast forward to thurs more work was needed so he went across alone to do, that while Jen, Rain, Bella, and I journeyed to the deserted mining town of TUMCO, not much to say about that. Fri we went to Harbor Freight, where I purchased a generator and Johnny wandered in and out of the Aisles amazed at all the cheap tools. Yuma has been good Saturday we went to the river and swam outside in March awesome day were had by me, I just hope the others Enjoyed it as well.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slabbers, spangers, and not so free Wi-fi

Today is a day, I woke up had some coffee, and decided I would go to the springs, stop and see a friend on the way, bath time, I got nice and clean. I decided to stop by a slab and see some people, as soon as I set in one slabbers says to another thats my bong, you stole it and drama ensued all was righted and the "stolen" item returned, but not quite the peaceful morning I had hoped for. Start chatting up some folks, found a travel partner if I head west again. Then pigeon mentions its her birthday soon and she would like to journey to Brawley and spange a bit, I figured hey free high speed wi-fi and some quiet time, but the free wi-fi at Vons has been gestapo-ed, and all the file sharing sites I visit to obtain the unobtainium movies and tv shows, I worked around but still a little hassle, speaking of hassles as I sit here and write this Pigeon has been informed by Jaun Q Lawrez that she could not stand on the public street and hold a sign, It appears as though this relaxing day of solitude, and TV has turned into a clusterfuck, the only bright spot might be getting the guys at (the best site ever,good ads too) some groceries,  Maybe I'll get lit and sleep the day away...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaving too soon, cynisim, and non smoking assholes

Well my trip into LA was cut short, when I stopped by an animal shelter and picked up a lil hottie named bella, shes 9 and was on her last day there before execution. So I ran up to the warden window and demanded a stay. So after a little bail, she was my new road dog. Not wanting  to get to know her in the chaotic city streets, I fled for the desert where she can run without a leash and we could get to know each other, there is still more things I'd like to do in Anahiem and I might go back. Bella seems to be adjusted to van life, does not whine or bark at all, she is super stealth and sleeps most the day. But I also want to get the fuck outta the slabs and head to yuma with the wonderful people at  even though they are on edge with the recent death of their dear smoking habit. I wish them well please visit the site it is very helpful. Anyway until another time I will float in uncertainty

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainy Nights and Men rubbing each other in their underwear

Well finally heard from Ken all is seemingly well, he got the job and should be in a home, so I know he will be fine. All day friday, I look at this flyer for a wrestling show in Covina about 30 miles east of LA, I like to go inland on the weekends and I like watching men rub each other in their undies. So I contemplate going all day Knowing I am gonna go, but in true DD fashion I wait until 430pm to make my decision to head inland, I am seemingly programed to drive at this time, I think I must enjoy sitting on the 10 for 3 hours to go 30 miles, anyway I make it to Covina in the pour down rain. This is my first show in CA and its drastically different, then anything before, so many kids and families there. And chants in spanish as well as english, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a female septuagenarian mark hollering spanish insults at the wrestlers. It was very old school not alot of stiff shots, but I got to see Brandon Gatson ( I don't get it, yet), Ryan Taylor (future star), and Scorpio Sky (?) do their thing. It was a good change of pace. After wards, I cruised into a nearby neighborhood, and fell asleep to the pitter, patter of rain drops on the roof of the van. It was a good day, but It leaves me with the desire to go to PWG's DDT4 next weekend, because its a once in a lifetime show for a non CA resident, so we will see what this week brings, I will be heading to an animal shelter in a bit. Is it poetic or ironic that I left one roaddog at a shelter and obtain a new one from a shelter??>..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to the OC...I think

So anyway rainy shitty day, I am on the puppy hunt, gonna check out a shelter in the morning, if I go to Anaheim for a wrestling show, I would much rather go to Covina and see a bigger show, but being in Anaheim gets me where I wanna be....Covina sends me back where I came, I am however growing tired of Venice its just a congested area and what not. So I take a trip today to get out of Venice and goto the library in Near by Culver City, first I lock the keys in the van, oh well will figure it out later, then inside I go and the have library card only access to the interwebs, not cool not only am I stranded waiting for triple A because I forgot to put the coat hanger back in my backpack, but I also can't use the Internet. Life is unfair sometimes, anyway I gotta try to see what I am doing.

To catch us up to speed

 So I left Ken at the shelter resource center on Wed. morning and finally, and now in hindsight got some unneeded alone time, being a faceless drone in a city of millions is harder than I remember. Well the last 3 days have been alot less eventful than before, I have been chilling at the library/starbucks/coffee connection  just surfing the web and watching TV, not quite the life I want. I did meet some people at a meeting, but nothing more than general chit chat, I will most likely go to more of them, more so for the interaction of people than the actual message, i got the message had it nicely was happy, just forgot it and slipped, but now I know how to work my shit. Without my roaddog life has been lonely, sometimes I wish I could just bring myself to drive back to Texas, sit with my dog, find a nice girl (mom can choose), and settle down. Then I remember what it was like to be in a cage, not a feeling I want again, I truly do like this being on the road, and its in fucking Texas, but I do need some sort of interaction. So I believe I will get a puppy/dog. I was/am unsure about this decision because I was not sure of what I would be doing. Right now it looks as though I will be heading to Utah to work as a Campground Host. Where a friend will be nice, but Am I cheating on my dog that I left with my mother, I love him a ton and don't want to lose him, but I feel as though he is in his place with her and he is safe and I don't want to separate my mother and him, I think he knows I love him and at least I know he is loved. So a new dog it is, unless somehow I can meet a girl, that wants to be on the road and spend all summer living in a gorgeous mountain campground before I get a puppy. Another question this raises Is where to raise my pup.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Week.

Well Monday is here, yay, but is it really Monday or a second Sunday . Wake up early people started showing up in the warehouse lot where we parked, eat breakfast head to the bucks get my coffee/wifi on find an interesting job add "Guys Needed for Gangbang Scene pays $50 bucks" hmm why not so I made $50 in a hotel room next to Disneyland with a Mickey Mouse wallpaper border, be on the lookout for my Porn debut. Slow day Slept at Wal-mart for the first time since I hit the road. Tuesday we got up and decided to head to Venice to check the mail, no fucking package!!!! as we cruised the boardwalk watching the basketball players, medical pot peddlers, and skaters, Ken received a phone call from the catering company, he got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for him, but this raised more questions then answers as now that he was employed we needed to get him into a shelter where we could shower daily and sleep without fear of me moving the van to Oregon in the middle of the night. We researched shelters and found one, yesterday I left my roaddog at a shelter, It has been 26 hours and I have yet to hear from him so, I hope he is alright and not being used as a sex toy for homeless, crackhead junkies, or if he is I hope he is at least enjoying it. Now I am alone and the fear, boredom, depression, anxiety, loneliness, are starting to set in.


After the first 2 days in LA I so wanted to head back to the Slabs, uneasiness set in my stomach every time I feel asleep, but unfortunately my grandmother is super efficient, you see I asked her to forward my mail ( which contains a work contract) to the Santa Monica post office instead of taking the usual day or so most people would she did it that day.  So here I am in uncomfortable silence and nervousness when I sleep, but am stuck waiting on mail. I figured I had a day or 2 so I went to Anaheim for Thursday night, but on Friday Ken and I had job interviews for a catering company in Manhattan Beach and decided to check the post office anyway no package. I wanted to go back to Orange County things are quieter and easier there, but we wait until Saturday to check mail again, nothing.While in Santa Monica for Friday, we indulged ourselves on another open mike night at the UnUrban cafe in SM, good night some good musicians, but once again the Van caused some ruckus and was fined $64 for not being in the wrong place, I quickly, and quite stereotypically filed this in the glove box.  Now this package was sent last Wed by 2 day express, how hard can it be to mail something from one post office to the next, but it not being here Saturday we headed back to the OC. We busked on the board walk (well Ken busked I held a sign reading "back-handed compliments and sarcasm $.50) so Ken had some cash I dropped him off at a punk show and took the opportunity to enjoy a quiet night to myself. Sunday was a good quiet day went to church, went to the gym, went to the horse track (broke Even) went to the topless pool joint (broken tables, FREE POOL). Quiet day. If you are ever in Orange County Los Alimitos is Perhaps one of the Nicest tracks I have seen

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Can I Say LA!!!

I finally made it back to my favorite city and almost immediately wished I hadn't bothered. After leaving Slab City we headed to Box Canyon, this is one of the most serene and wonderful places to camp I have ever been, but one night there and we moved inland to Redlands where we hotel-ed it and went to an open mic night, where Ken would preform. The next day we roll into Venice, its a rainy shitty day of cloud cover and traffic the boardwalk is empty and there is no one around so Ken decides to stay in the Van. We find a nice spot to park after hanging out at the Library for a few hours, wake up and go to my favorite spot on the coast, eat breakfast, go to Santa Monica pier all around good day, Later that night we decide to go to Hollywood to an open mic night at the pig and whistle there was wonderful performers, the night was thoroughly enjoyed, UNTIL we head back to the van to find it no longer where it was left, what happened, did the van just leave, no apparently, I had misread a parking sign and the van was escorted away from its parking spot, to a car jail some 2 miles away after a good walk, I payed the 300 dollars bail and got my house back.The first 48 hours in LA sucked. So I went east to Anaheim where I could watch some wrestling and relax with less people and parking lots instead of street parking.

Slab City

Wow is all I can say to describe this place. After a brief lay-over in a Brawley hotel parking lot, to download some TV and check mail and what nots before I arrive in the modern day wild west. I pull into Slab City notice Salvation Mountain on the way in , what a great place to put a shrine to the load then outside the gates of Sodom.  About 3:30 pm I pull into Slab City park fairly close to the entrance and walk around. As I walk though this small desert oasis.( For back story on Slab City it is a piece of desert that used to be an army base, but was deserted and claimed but squatters.) I notice all the makeshift fences and trash art that encompases this place so in true Alx fashion I decide to make my own satirical fence to save "my Spot" .My entire time in Slab City is a blur of boredom and poor desecion making, I learned that I truly am an Alcoholic, I am more than comfortable, doing nothing. It is here I gained a RoadDog ( traveling partner) named Ken. A oung punker from Texas. Slab City is alot of fun and I am sad I did not do up dates everyday while here.

The next stop in the line

Having done what I came to do in Quartzsite, land a job, I moved on down the road. I started in Yuma, Az where I did some laundry and slept in a Best Western parking lot. I departed early in the morning and headed to Mexicali, I crossed the border at about 9am, too early for anything to be open, so I wandered the streets and took in the quietness of this sleepy bordertown. At 10 am I started shopping, first on the agenda was to get grain alcohol for a friend who I met in Quartzsite and planned on meeting up with in Slab City, that mission was soon accomplished 59 pesos a bottle, good deal,. Up next was to procure some steroids to live my dream of being Hulk Hogan. I wander into a pharmacy and there they sit directly in plain site, the red box I had only seen in internet pictures, I nervously ask the little Mexican man (who also happens to be the only English speaker in Mexicali) behind the counter for them he grabs them and rings me up, no problems. I ditch the syringes and boxes and place the vials in my pocket and across the border I go. No questions asked??? So now I have them with no way to administer them if I had know I could just walk across question free, but oh well. Soon I head north and drive to slab city.

About time I start this

So about, 7 weeks ago I packed up all my things and moved into my van, and started a journey throughout the
west, to have some fun, discover myself, and figure out life as we know. Well when I rolled out of Kingman nerves set in as I was not sure of what was going to happen. I had the destination in mind, Quartzsite, Az, as I arrived in Quartzsite for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous organized through, I was greeted by several very friendly folks and dogs. Quartzsite is not for everyone, it more of a desert resort surrounded by thousands of RV's, rockhounds, and swap meets. I met a few interesting people and did some shopping. The highlight of Quartzsite in January is the RV tent show, at which I made some interesting job contacts, I was offered both positions as a campground host in Logan, UT for American Land & Leisure. I was also offered a position cooking for the catering side of Adventureland Theme Park in Des Moines, Iowa. I have yet to completely decide which one I will be partaking in. Alas my time in Quartzsite was done

Dome Rock I climbed this

A View on The way up

From the top as I hang on for dear life