Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blame The Irish (satire, if you get offened lighten up life is a joke)

How come all I ever hear about is how the Mexicans are stealing jobs and ruining this country???
When the Irish did it first? In the mid 1800s were  people sitting around blaming the Irish for
doing all the manual labor jobs, probably, but it is for the same reason it happens today, the
uneducated who are willing to work hard will always have work, while people continue to fall into
the pyramid scam that is college. Really, what make more sense working hard for 10 years after high
school or dropping out and being able to save say 5 grand a year, buying a house and having kids,
working your way up from laborer to mid management on the the way to executive, or independence,
or going to medical or law school in the same time and starting life with debts in excess of a
hundred thousand dollars??? Is doing all that worth it? It seems in this mans eyes only, that all
people really want is to be respected, so the Irish took the jobs no educated person would do, The sanitation workers,firemen, policemen, and yes construction laborious same as the immigrants before them and the current immigrants. The problem I see in America is that we are brainwashed into believing we have a sense of entitlement (were number 1)  and should  automatically be placed above everyone. The world needs laborers and middle management, and don't give me that illegal immigrant crap (side note I have met more Illegal Candians then mexicans) if all you had to do now was wait in a line and sign a book like in 1840 everyone would be legal, and we still have Irish entering Illegally today smuggled in, in barrels of guiness and jamison, thats why it taste better there than here because its missing the piss and sweat of an Irishman at sea for 2 weeks. So in closing blame the Irish for everything, the alcoholism, the catholic church, the over breeding of families,
(sounds like the mexicans), as well as, Chicago pizza,the red sox, ted kennedy, howdy doody, Bono, Sinead O'Connor, clowns (to make red hair more acceptable, colin farrell,ugly ginger babies, the myth of skin cancers, words like wicked, every dwarf being teased as a leprucan. At last but not least we can blame them for the obesity in America because in keeping the tradition of hiring immigrants for shit jobs/wages, they
started McDonalds...

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