Tuesday, May 17, 2011

much ado about nothing and various artists

So as I type this today, I am just returning from my monthly library trip, public libraries are a great place to purchase used book for cheap most the time its only $.50 for a paperback and $1.00 for a hardcover not bad, and when your done you can trade it to someone for another book or use it as fire starter. Recently, I have been discovering a problem with my reading, it is getting too fast, a couple months ago it took me 2-3 days to get thru a book, now about 8 hours at this rate I will need to change my monthly visit into a weekly one.
  So onto my unexciting and boring life, I am bored and mainly because I have done all there is to do in the spot I am in. hiked all the trails to the point Bella is not even exploring anymore. I think back to the previous years when intoxication took up my boredom, I would do some lines, pop some pills, or swallow some shwill  and zone out until coherence would be available again, Now that I am living in a real world ( well as real as the world can get) it becomes difficult to find ways to past time, I would like hobbies, but most hobbies involve making something or buying something and for me as I want or need nothing, knitting a sweater or building a birdhouse, seems to be a waste of time.   I used to enjoy making steel coffee tables and painting, but in my footagely challenged environment it would seem to be excess, I am not good at music and don't ever have enough power or focus to write anymore. I need some drugs I could do enough just so that my campsite will be ready when I awaken, the fire rings will have been installed, the river will have receded, and I can have fun. I wonder if thats what sleeping beauty and rip van winkle thought, anyway that was a joke. I am gonna wait another week and if it still appears bleak I will head to the national gathering and  help with kitchen setup.
 I am officially trying to quit smoking again new regiment, every time I want a cigarette, I pop a lozenge ( I bought helpers) and do push ups until the urge subsides, but now I can barely move my arms, Anyway Hope the elves are having fun in this world and everyone is enjoying life

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