Friday, May 27, 2011

to reader or not to reader

I have been doing alot of reading lately and feel as though my monthly library trips will soon prove not enough. I have been looking into getting an E-reader or a tablet, but I have never used one and I not too sure if I will enjoy using it. I have tried to read on the laptop it is not very feasible for my eyes. I wonder if I should rent one a Wal-mart to see how i like it. While it would be a sound purchase and free room in the van, because book take space and right now I am sitting on about 20 books I have read but do not want get rid and in the forest, I have no one to trade with. The downside is I can no longer just gra a stack for 7 bucks at the library but there is ways around this of course. This is all I have to talk about today,


  1. I was just looking into a kindle! Yes, lots of money but think of the space I could save. Even after moving into the car I have a box of books that I rotate fairly often. If you do end up trying this out you'll have to post a product review or something.

  2. I bought the pandigital novel at best buy for 129 it reads barnes and noble books and has an android interface so I can download a program to use kindle books as well, it also has a little browser it doesn't have 3g like the kindle but I am liking it so far but its only been a day