Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow on my parade, Deathdefying escapes, near death expeirences and brazen rescues.

So we wake after our horror-filled night, and decided it was time to roll, after spending most of the morning hanging out with a biker from daytona who has work in the north rim for the summer, and some other bikers from Slovenia, I get the bug to ride. We are headed north to the Dixie National  forest  where we have found a nice dispersed campground and some cool trails I spent some time in this area when I was younger, both when I had a family and afterward. The first thing on the agenda is to get a bolt for my solar panel, one rattled lose on the camp verde road, then we/I hit this nice little pizza joint in Kanab $5 all you can eat lunch buffet (well worth it if your in the area). North we ascend but as we turn off into the forest we see the devils cold breath has covered the mountains in snow still sticking but melting, creeks overflowing, very pretty. The road to our awesome campground is about 18 inches deep we decide not to precede and head back down below the snowline with some ducking and dodging we find a nice south facing site. and Immediately unload the bike put warm clothes on tell Bella to get in the van,she complies, I hit the road and after about 4 minutes I learn dirtbikes like the snow about the same as I, but there is some mud to play in, so fun is being had. Then as I turn a corner I hit a wet spot, the rear tire starts slipping, my heart hits my stomach then my throat,  I try to keep upright but I am sliding and my feet can't catch the ground to regain control, all I can think about is keeping my head from hitting the ground because my beanie is not snell approved, tuck my chin, heart pounding, and down I go leg pinned, laying in mud. I lay there laughing and enjoying the moment as I feel no pain I can't tell if I am hurt or numb. but as I start to regain my composure and start standing up . I look over my head and see a savior, all 6 pounds of her running towards me fear and determination in her eyes. She heard me go down, broke out of the van and came to rescue me, awesome!!! I get the bike up and started and ask her to follow me back to make sure I am safe.As she runs feverishly behind me, I can't help but think about this new game where I ride and she runs behind, but I think that my wait for a dryer area. Bella biscuits are distributed


  1. And you thought Bella didn't love you! Silly you! I might be careful about Bella running behind you ...I have a picture of a hawk, owl or 'yote snatching her while you're not looking!

  2. Thats why i usually leave her behind