Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Wong Foo. Thanks for everything, Arizona

Well I rolled out of Arizona accidentally the other day, I say accidentally because I missed an entire forest and had to move forward instead of going back. I started the day at the grand canyon which is grand to say the least, took full advantage of National Parks week by also visiting Glen Canyon after missing the Kaibab National Forest. The top of Arizona is a sad depressing place the 89 is a lonely highway, thru Navajo Nation. So I went to lake powell and had some fun. Next I stopped at nice BLM campground for four days of hiking and rockclimbing Bella still can't climb I need to get a backpack to put her in so she can check out the View Sometime. Any way I can't understand why some of the trails in this area charge a fee, it doesn't make sense to pay a fee for me walking in the desert aimlessly. Thats like going to a restaurant and cooking your own food. Any way now I am in a rv park because I was too lazy to drive anymore.

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  1. I think a stay at an RV park is like a little vacation. Enjoy!