Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snow and press skit

So I arrive into prescott on sunday get to the dispersed camping sites all is awesome. Big trees and streams nice trails to ride and some deer too. After about 3 days I hear warnings of snow, oh well I think but as it started snowing and days became long in the van It was too cold to stay. I do not like the snow that much especially if I have to sleep in below freezing conditions. So we rolled out. As we first sat where we are in this bucks using wifi my laptop charger exploded send people running and sparks flying, being to lazy and unorganized and not having a laptop to use to reorder from amazon I was forced to purchase one for 75 dllrs from wally world, boooo!!! Oh well this one has a 2 year warranty and 1 year replacement I will get my monies worth. anyway time to roll to some desert and find a laundromat.


  1. Dude, why'd you go? It's like almost 40 degrees here right now ;)

  2. I was not happy to wake up to snow in dirtville, either. If I had someplace to run to I would have.