Thursday, September 22, 2011

We are Kansas any more

Well I unceremoniously got the boot from Minnesota, you know that 8am be gone before I get out of the shower talk, well it was actually "before I finish this cereal the sight of you makes me sick". Anyway I hit the road rather unprepared I was hoping to pick-up a mini fridge and space heater off of "the list" before I rolled, that did not happen, oh well I will make do. I hit the road heading south and soon arrived in Iowa, I must say the rest areas in this part of the country are great indoors, bathrooms, hot coffee machines, free Wi-Fi and dump stations. I stopped in a little town called Ames,( north of Des Moines) and ventured into Ames Powersports to get a new plug, light and 2 stroke oil, this by far was the best bike shop I have ever visited the gentleman behind the counter knew where everything was without a bunch of info and was very friendly if you are ever in Iowa I recommend a stop. I moved on and was soon into Kansas, oops I skipped Missouri not much to see on that side of the state. I made into Kansas and was a little tired so I stopped at the wal-mart, after a week of sleeping in someone else's house it felt real good to sleep in the van, I know I must be crazy to choose a van over a nice apartment right, well then I guess I am. I rather enjoy curling up into my own bed and listening to the sounds of passing cars soothing me to deep sleep.  I woke up this morning and after a stop at Sonic (Lo-cal Diet Cherry Limeades Are the shit)

I arrived at my RV park. Now I knew this was a new park but I thought it might be better. I find that the shower house isn't done, no bathrooms either, and because I am just in a van they want to put in some dark corner because I don't need more hookups other than an extension cord.  Thats all fine by me, so because I so abruptly left Minnesota all I wanted was a shower, I had dark dusturbing fantasies about soap and shampoo all day. I ventured into town to find the gym, sign up and take a shower, but in this town there is one gym and no one works there, well there are hours on the door,but no one inside,  I call the number that is on the door that says "call we can be here in 15 mins" and the lady says I can meet you tomorrow, so  no shower today. So I head back to my site get unpacked and lay in wait for a big day tomorrow,  ordered some dope off the web, failed to get my satellite set-up, and now I am goin to go to sleep. I start work in 2 days it should be exciting!!!!!

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  1. hay Dave glad things r looking up for u,stay warm Kansas can be a cold place