Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to the OC...I think

So anyway rainy shitty day, I am on the puppy hunt, gonna check out a shelter in the morning, if I go to Anaheim for a wrestling show, I would much rather go to Covina and see a bigger show, but being in Anaheim gets me where I wanna be....Covina sends me back where I came, I am however growing tired of Venice its just a congested area and what not. So I take a trip today to get out of Venice and goto the library in Near by Culver City, first I lock the keys in the van, oh well will figure it out later, then inside I go and the have library card only access to the interwebs, not cool not only am I stranded waiting for triple A because I forgot to put the coat hanger back in my backpack, but I also can't use the Internet. Life is unfair sometimes, anyway I gotta try to see what I am doing.

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