Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The next stop in the line

Having done what I came to do in Quartzsite, land a job, I moved on down the road. I started in Yuma, Az where I did some laundry and slept in a Best Western parking lot. I departed early in the morning and headed to Mexicali, I crossed the border at about 9am, too early for anything to be open, so I wandered the streets and took in the quietness of this sleepy bordertown. At 10 am I started shopping, first on the agenda was to get grain alcohol for a friend who I met in Quartzsite and planned on meeting up with in Slab City, that mission was soon accomplished 59 pesos a bottle, good deal,. Up next was to procure some steroids to live my dream of being Hulk Hogan. I wander into a pharmacy and there they sit directly in plain site, the red box I had only seen in internet pictures, I nervously ask the little Mexican man (who also happens to be the only English speaker in Mexicali) behind the counter for them he grabs them and rings me up, no problems. I ditch the syringes and boxes and place the vials in my pocket and across the border I go. No questions asked??? So now I have them with no way to administer them if I had know I could just walk across question free, but oh well. Soon I head north and drive to slab city.

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