Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainy Nights and Men rubbing each other in their underwear

Well finally heard from Ken all is seemingly well, he got the job and should be in a home, so I know he will be fine. All day friday, I look at this flyer for a wrestling show in Covina about 30 miles east of LA, I like to go inland on the weekends and I like watching men rub each other in their undies. So I contemplate going all day Knowing I am gonna go, but in true DD fashion I wait until 430pm to make my decision to head inland, I am seemingly programed to drive at this time, I think I must enjoy sitting on the 10 for 3 hours to go 30 miles, anyway I make it to Covina in the pour down rain. This is my first show in CA and its drastically different, then anything before, so many kids and families there. And chants in spanish as well as english, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a female septuagenarian mark hollering spanish insults at the wrestlers. It was very old school not alot of stiff shots, but I got to see Brandon Gatson ( I don't get it, yet), Ryan Taylor (future star), and Scorpio Sky (?) do their thing. It was a good change of pace. After wards, I cruised into a nearby neighborhood, and fell asleep to the pitter, patter of rain drops on the roof of the van. It was a good day, but It leaves me with the desire to go to PWG's DDT4 next weekend, because its a once in a lifetime show for a non CA resident, so we will see what this week brings, I will be heading to an animal shelter in a bit. Is it poetic or ironic that I left one roaddog at a shelter and obtain a new one from a shelter??>..

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