Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaving too soon, cynisim, and non smoking assholes

Well my trip into LA was cut short, when I stopped by an animal shelter and picked up a lil hottie named bella, shes 9 and was on her last day there before execution. So I ran up to the warden window and demanded a stay. So after a little bail, she was my new road dog. Not wanting  to get to know her in the chaotic city streets, I fled for the desert where she can run without a leash and we could get to know each other, there is still more things I'd like to do in Anahiem and I might go back. Bella seems to be adjusted to van life, does not whine or bark at all, she is super stealth and sleeps most the day. But I also want to get the fuck outta the slabs and head to yuma with the wonderful people at Freecampsites.net  even though they are on edge with the recent death of their dear smoking habit. I wish them well please visit the site it is very helpful. Anyway until another time I will float in uncertainty

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