Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fat Tuesday and Fat Tacos

The time came to leave slab city and Start my descent north to Utah, I rolled out and headed for Yuma to visit a friend of mine that I couldn't wait to see, I picked him up at work we got some groceries and headed to a campsite the next few hours and the day that followed are still a bit hazy, but I do know that my companions from www.freecampsites.net showed up and we all survived, So having lost Monday due to carryover, Tuesday became the day Me and my 2 Amigos headed to Los Algondones across the border for debauchery, dental work, da tacos, and damn fine women. While my friend was in the dentists we sat out side at a cafe drinking 40s of Tecate and eating tacos, soon this progressed to strip clubs and "lap dances" All in all it was a good day and my friend got some dental work. Fast forward to thurs more work was needed so he went across alone to do, that while Jen, Rain, Bella, and I journeyed to the deserted mining town of TUMCO, not much to say about that. Fri we went to Harbor Freight, where I purchased a generator and Johnny wandered in and out of the Aisles amazed at all the cheap tools. Yuma has been good Saturday we went to the river and swam outside in March awesome day were had by me, I just hope the others Enjoyed it as well.

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