Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slabbers, spangers, and not so free Wi-fi

Today is a day, I woke up had some coffee, and decided I would go to the springs, stop and see a friend on the way, bath time, I got nice and clean. I decided to stop by a slab and see some people, as soon as I set in one slabbers says to another thats my bong, you stole it and drama ensued all was righted and the "stolen" item returned, but not quite the peaceful morning I had hoped for. Start chatting up some folks, found a travel partner if I head west again. Then pigeon mentions its her birthday soon and she would like to journey to Brawley and spange a bit, I figured hey free high speed wi-fi and some quiet time, but the free wi-fi at Vons has been gestapo-ed, and all the file sharing sites I visit to obtain the unobtainium movies and tv shows, I worked around but still a little hassle, speaking of hassles as I sit here and write this Pigeon has been informed by Jaun Q Lawrez that she could not stand on the public street and hold a sign, It appears as though this relaxing day of solitude, and TV has turned into a clusterfuck, the only bright spot might be getting the guys at (the best site ever,good ads too) some groceries,  Maybe I'll get lit and sleep the day away...

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