Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Can I Say LA!!!

I finally made it back to my favorite city and almost immediately wished I hadn't bothered. After leaving Slab City we headed to Box Canyon, this is one of the most serene and wonderful places to camp I have ever been, but one night there and we moved inland to Redlands where we hotel-ed it and went to an open mic night, where Ken would preform. The next day we roll into Venice, its a rainy shitty day of cloud cover and traffic the boardwalk is empty and there is no one around so Ken decides to stay in the Van. We find a nice spot to park after hanging out at the Library for a few hours, wake up and go to my favorite spot on the coast, eat breakfast, go to Santa Monica pier all around good day, Later that night we decide to go to Hollywood to an open mic night at the pig and whistle there was wonderful performers, the night was thoroughly enjoyed, UNTIL we head back to the van to find it no longer where it was left, what happened, did the van just leave, no apparently, I had misread a parking sign and the van was escorted away from its parking spot, to a car jail some 2 miles away after a good walk, I payed the 300 dollars bail and got my house back.The first 48 hours in LA sucked. So I went east to Anaheim where I could watch some wrestling and relax with less people and parking lots instead of street parking.


  1. Now I understand what you meant by expensive, bleh. Sounds like the rest of your time there has been fun. Hope it continues to be.