Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lets Do it, One Year In, on the road, What I have learned

           Well, Today marks one year since a lost heartbroken soul with no ID, two gas cans, and a "friends" truck picked me up at my mother's and got me started on this  journey. While I'd like to go down a huge list of things I learned like How to make a didgeridoo, the value of shiny rocks, true friends love you with nothing and in LA you can participate in a porno, in a hotel room with Micky Mouse wallpaper.
            Or run down bragging about the tantric sex instructor I spent hours with in St Paul, or how many chicks I saw naked; the truth is: sex is great, I can now go for days now instead of hours and seeing a girl naked more than once loses it charm after a while.
                 I could say stereotypical things like; I really learned  things about myself, that deep down inside  I am a loving creature and those who waste their energy on hate and resentment are only cheating themselves. I find it easier to love and forget, I love everyone. I can spend time saying things like the country is in bad shape and people are broke, and the people I met with nothing seemed to have everything. 
         I might as well stand on my soapbox and preach about how awesome weed is and how I wish I had a joint everyday, but being the "new guy " always leaves you with no hookup, or how hippies stink, but we all know that and I usually don't smell so good nowadays. I could defend that by preaching about the value of water conservation or how chicks dig pheromones, but truth is sometimes taking a shower is a fucking inconvenience. 
              I could talk about all the useful tricks and techniques I learned about survival. Things like how to find a shower, free breakfast, or the best indoor pools, but truth is if you have a question ask and I will find an answer. I could talk about skewed faith, beliefs, and political ideologies.  I want to discuss my philosophy of my 3 S's with the world but they can wait for the book,  here is a preview; all I do everyday is try to Survive, have Sex, and Smile, I learned this from watching squirrels on the back end of a space bag (maybe some pot too).
         All in all I learned it is easier to accept help, be open to people, and sometimes just stop saying "NO" (while that may cause problems its an adventure worth having), sometimes pissing the bed is unavoidable, FREECAMPSITES.NET  is the best road resource on the planet and they travel with one of the coolest and cutest girls on the planet And while we are discussing cute and cool girls/women The TUCKERBAG is the best blog out there for stealthers and anyone really.. It is always better to give then receive and sometimes you have to let go of someone to give them a better life. I learned I am not done learning and I know nothing. Sadness still happens in Utopia and tears flow just the same, hugs are amazing, I have so much more to learn. I would love to field questions from any and all search David Drifter on facebook to find me ask anything. I am, if anything, completely honest, I love you all.

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