Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting started again

A week ago I left Texas and moved the van into a backpack and headed south via bus to
spend time WWOOFing in Mexico, this is story of my journey.

It started out like any regular trip get on bus in Austin everything seems to be ok. A little crowed, but nonetheless ok. I talked to a nice girl on the bus until we arrived in San Antonio, more people boarded and some left, about 45 miles into this trip the bus pulls off to the side of the road. Driver exits bus, gets back on bus, exits again, enters again, gets triangles, exits. Not good, I have not ever crossed the border yet and am stopped on the side of the road. I assist the driver in inspecting the bus and decide to take it to the next exit where a gas station is. After about 15 mins I go back and look at bus again we see the radiator hose is leaking, I help the driver get the part off, he takes it to a shop, and after 3 hours we are back on the road.

We cross the border in Laredo and I have to get off and go though Immigration takes about 4 mins, and I am officially issued a Mexican Visa. Now it gets tricky my Spanglish is very bad and now I have been delayed a few hours and will have to find my various connections on my own without just following the herd. I arrive in Monterrey and ask a gentlemen about my ticket he takes it and runs off?????? Just when my anxiety attack is in full swing he returns and hands me a new ticket, whew. Made it on to the next bus. About 13 hours later I arrive in Guadalajara I find a cab transfer to another bus station and find to Chapala where I am to be picked up. I was picked up and made it to my first place stay.
 This is Chapala
The people here are nice, except for the fact that are treating me like a servant instead of volunteer, I work more than 40 hours a week for 3 meals and a roof, there is a huge list of rules they basically say; I can't leave, can't have anyone over, can't socialize, my bed must be made, I cannot have of any of my own food in my shelter. I also cannot sleep because of nicotine and caffeine withdrawals, and  instead of saying anything nice, they always are telling me what I did wrong, not what I did right (maybe I do not do anything right, that they way it feels), it is real disheartening being here, I came here to experience the people, culture, and to help a community, but instead I get broken down, and hear the same bigoted talk about the culture I get in the  USA, I am starting to really dislike Canada and Canadians, but I made a commitment, maybe things will get better. I hope so, I spent a good part of half the morning, having an emotional breakdown, crying while I shoveled a flower bed. I did get a day off and have fun but that story will be  for another blog, I love all of you goodnight (its lights out).


  1. hang in there my friend been to places like that in my life you ll be in my prayers

  2. If you're not being treated well, there is no reason to continue working there. Your time and effort is worth more than 3 meals and a bed. The least they can do is appreciate that and treat you as a friend rather than as the hired help.

    Commitment is a two way street. If you are not dealt with fairly, then you have no reason to honor the commitment. You get to Yuma and we'll pick you up.


  3. Ludevig here.
    You have just went through a tumultuous trip and to now suddenly be in the thick of it with people you don't really know. Of course it will be difficult at first and nowhere does it say you can't come home. No one would think any less of you if you decided to come home.
    You also have to take into consideration your nicotine withdrawals which lead to anger or sadness at random times.
    I'll always help you in any way I can. And honestly you know this.
    I miss you mate, love ye too.

    Just for you I will be a dick to Mr B again but this time on camera.

  4. I hope things get better, Alex! There's never a good reason to treat people poorly. Maybe it's their way of weeding out people that are there for the wrong reasons.

    If you need anything (like $$$ to get to Q) I'm just an email away! Yeah, I'm never going to let you live down the fact that you chose volunteering in Mexico over us!

    xox Cyndi and Stumpy

  5. Greetings Alejandro Leon Coyotl,
    OK, you know I agree with your one and only friend. Remember who you are.
    It takes you 2 weeks to tell them what you want and how you want it so it is almost that time.
    I do not need to add anything more my voice is in your head

  6. Culture shock is only made worse when the people around you seem to care less how you feel. It's great that you want to honor your commitment, but remember that they need to honor theirs as well and don't stay if you're not happy. In the long run, when you look back on this, which will you regret more: staying or leaving? Good luck and keep us posted.

  7. A special thanks to all of you I will keep you up to date on happenings