Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I fought the Dentist and The dentist won.

          There comes a time in every writer's life when you must cite a source, or reference previously written material. Well for myself that day is today, in Teething At 30 our hero was feeling pain from newly emerging wisdom teeth. This week he went to the dentist to get the situation handled.

        Over the course of the last 5 weeks I had been feeling alot of pain, and being I live in America, I have but 2 choices; live with the pain or sell all my worldly possessions and give hand jobs in gas station restrooms until I could find the thousands of dollars required to get it fixed.  Unless, I went to Mexico. We now find ourselves living in the glorious country, so I went to the dentist. I went in a week ago and they told me it was super infected and I would need to take antibiotics and come back for surgery in a week. This gave me a whole week of nervous energy not knowing what to expect when I returned. Would they gas me and steal my organs? Would they use Novocaine, or just rub some Tequila and cocaine on my gums?

    Yesterday was the day, I left my dwelling and said goodbye to my Canadian Roommate for they final time (not because of fears of death, but rather because she is no longer enslaved here). As I was walking to the bus I met a man with a horse and some lets just say herbal pain/anxiety reliever, and I caught the bus. The bus in Mexico is so funny, they fit as may people as possible on these things, you are so jammed you cant think of anything expect "please god nobody fart".

   I arrived at the dentist office early and waited in the room where you do that. After a bit they came out and got me. The doctor was very nice,explained things and sat me down. He used both a topical and Novocaine to numb me, and after a couple cuts, a few yanks, a little bonesawing, and some more Novocaine, he showed me my tooth, covered in infection and food particles. He was very nice and explained as best he could the upkeep and warning signs  and only charged me $110 us, they even gave me this sweet case for my tooth.

I put it under my pillow last night and it was still there in the morning. I guess the tooth fairy doesn't come to Mexico. Maybe I will wire wrap the tooth and make a necklace for my mom, unless someone else wants it.

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