Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teething at 30

Several things have been going on this week, first and foremost is I am getting a new tooth in.  Yea I know it sucks right? It seems when they pulled my last tooth they freed up what ever was blocking my wisdom tooth from growing in, so here I am teething at 30 with no whiskey for the gums. The campers have been overly nice, as you would expect, I got given 3 meals on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday. Which is nice and all, but I have not been use to eating, so even a bite of real food feels me up, but I can't say no and let food goto waste, So for the last couple days I have been stuffed beyond belief. I should not be complaining about this. So on HBO last night was any interesting program called Citizen USA, the documentaries purpose was to go to naturalization services in all 50 states at meet new Americans. In the interviews you gain a new outlook on America, alot people are glad to become American because of safety, religious, and romantic freedoms. All things alot of us take for granted, The voices of immigrants stating that they love the friendliness and openness of America is eye opening and welcome. I just want to say, be nice today, love your neighbors, whether they be pakistani, mexican, white trash, or even Irish. Wave to someone random and toss a smile. Remember our tolerance and acceptance makes us great and if we lose that we can and will fail.


  1. Wisdom teeth were super painful!! Good luck

    ~ The Tuckerbag ~

  2. The bottoms came in fine with little pain just agitation, now I worry about the tops and only one

  3. That tooth hast maketh you runneth over with wisdom.