Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Whole New World

Well this week I had to move from my nice little campgrounds, to the biggest and most popular one. Its a good move in the fact that I can stay busy all the time and it is some 2000 feet higher and a little cooler, but there are so many campers and I am constantly stuck putting on the show and talking to people. My satellite tv doesn't work up there, so its still boring at wind down time, but I finished a book last night and will start one tonight. There is also alot of trails up here so I have something to do, with my birthday 2 weeks away it is starting to appear I will fail at my goal of having a date for my birthday oh well, really thinking about a trailer still a friend sent me a lead which is nice. The campground I am in is really kinda elitist ad people seem to mind the van I know fuck them but I also dont have privacy in my new site and need to shower somewhere. I hope they find someone to work this site so I can go back to my peaceful aloneness.  I wonder if drinking Utah beer wrecks my sobriety, I dont think so, but I also don't think it is worth the money just to clean out your kidneys. I hope everyone is good, I might be able leave earlier because of the change in elevation so I can visit a friend or 2 on to way to kansas. Hope you all are having a good time. Adios

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  1. Keep an open mind! Maybe your birthday girl is going to find you in this busy campground! since it appears the campers have $$$ MAYBE she'll be an independantly weatlhy heiress and want you to have a shower so she'll by you the trailer of your dreams!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

    Yipeeeee!!! I can be anonymous!