Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Campground Host

I wish I could be one of those helpful bloggers that spread the message of Vandwelling and offers insight on how they live, but I am not that guy I am more just winging it out here. I will however give a glimpse of what I do as a campground host, daily. I wake up at about 6:30am, load up my golf cart with buckets and a shovel and do a quick round around the campground if no one disapeered in the middle of the night I check the restrooms and head back to the van.I make coffee using a merlita single cup drip coffee cone thingy
the only downside to this is the need for filters, but I reuse them about 3 times, I also use the boiling water to make soft boiled eggs for breakfast, soft boiled eggs are great, they are like over easy eggs but without grease and in their own little bowls, and they remind me of my dad he thought me how to make them however he called them 3 minute eggs but at this elevation it is more like 4 minutes then I grab my joe and drive over to the lake here I sit and let the Sun warm me up while I meditate and get centered for the day. At about 9 campers are stirring and moving out, as each moves out I clean the pit and area around the site, change reservation signs and check the fee tube. At around noon I go to the van and have an apple and meal shake for lunch. Around this time new reservations start arriving I check everyone in do a few more rounds and put on the show. Now it is 5pm so I go and make dinner I usally have pasta I perfer Ronzini Quick cook it cooks in about 3 minutes and taste good, I use a little olive oil and Italian seasoning, or I use small cans of tomato sauce and season to taste, ( I used to buy jarred sauce, but by make my own I cut the calories in half and get a better flavor as well as shelf life)
I then do all my paperwork, count the cash, and load firewood in my cart and do my last trip around. If someone needs wood I have it for them. The day ends about 8pm and I retire to the van to watch a movie or read. Thanks to all my readers I hope this was somewhat helpful.


  1. sounds pretty cool life can you fish in that lake on your off time

  2. if I had a fishing permit I could, but I do not have one