Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I miss my gay friends

Well started the day today by stealing a shower at the local college, first hot shower in 3 months, feeling pretty good today. The season is winding down and I should be on the road soon, still not sure where I am going, Amazon has not sent my hire letter which is kinda messing with my winter vacation plans, I might just be staying stateside. Met some awesome people this week a great family and some cute ladies. Being in Northern Utah is like being stuck in 1950 middle America. Everyone has these nice nuclear families and tons of love to give, so much trust and happiness it is almost like the real world doesn't exist and family secrets are locked in a vault. There are no blacks, or gays and that makes me a little sad, I miss the fun and openess of gay friends, and the freeness of hippies and the real world view of black friends hopefully I will get back to these things soon. I miss my dirty, dark, tainted, sin-filled world.

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