Friday, February 3, 2012

"Your Title Here"

I am really just writing because I need an update and almost all the other bloggers I follow seemed to post today, so stop reading now cause its about to get boring.

For Some Reason I took a B&W picture of a Rainbow 

Anyway, if your still reading this I guess I should update you on my last couple weeks. My roommate left the farm and went back to Canada, so I have been solo for the last week and a half. The bosses have gotten really lax since then. They built me up to follow this rigid schedule and work non-stop all day everyday, then all of a sudden, nothing. They show up at around 10am and leave at 3pm. No real directions or course to follow. I being me still work non-stop at looking busy meanwhile I finish "the list" by noon everyday.I feel as if I am doing something wrong if I lay in the grass until 5pm, but they are not checking on me anyway. Oh well fuck them, I got a plane ticket to Cancun for 50 bucks and fly out in 2 weeks after a week in Guadalajara, there should be some nights of regret in there to write about. 

The big highlight of my day comes from my afternoon walk; where I go to the village and buy 2 beers and 2 cigaros for 25 pesos and sit on the stoop drinking them because they want the bottle back and the lady at the counter makes me laugh. You ever drink a beer out of a bottle that has been reused so many times the paint on the label is almost gone, Only in Mexico.  So thats it I am hanging out doing some work, biding my time until I get back on the road. Speaking of back on the road, I keep getting this urge to find a summer job and head back to the states before I am broke. There are so many friends there that I miss and working this year seems like the thing to do. Then I can come back. We will see. Keep on keeping on. Love you all.

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  1. Even if nothing big is going on, it's nice to be kept in the loop:)