Monday, February 6, 2012

Inappropriate Touching and The Lost Ones

I wish I could be one of those bloggers who lead off with a quote that offers a summary of discussion to come, but I am just not that. Instead I throw my best one liner up on the title bar to see what sticks.

I got lost in thought yesterday and quickly became sad. I was thinking about some people from high school that I lost touch with. Not the ones who stopped speaking to me because I covered the bridge in booze and burnt it down, but the others, the few that I connected with for a short time then our lifestyles drug us other ways. As a broken person I have had  always a tendency to attract other broken people and while I went on to my own life of excess, I would like to know where the others like me went. Those lost souls who should have burned along with me, did they ever get help, did they crash as hard as I, did they lose the battle, or are they still out there lost. I suppose what brings this up is through the power of social networking; I was located by one of these people, who meant alot to me and through some small discussions we seem to have more in common then the people I considered friends. I wish I could connect to these people and see what paths their lives took, maybe they are tribe members I lost,  maybe I was the only one who knocked on deaths door, while living under the freeway, or maybe its just better to leave well enough alone.

On to brighter subject yesterday was the Super Bowl. While this game is big in the United States, it is not very popular here in Mexico. I got off work and headed to town in search of some football and beer, as I walked along the road, I found a spot to sit out the bus. While seated an older gentleman doing the Corona Cha-Cha, strolled over to me. With my limited knowledge of the language I smiled and agreed with everything he said, and soon he gave me his beer. At this point I had been waiting over an hour for the bus and was about to head home, when this gentleman lead me from the bus stop to his house some 25 feet away, I assumed he was being hospitable and was gonna offer me more beer or some drugs. Once inside his house we shared a hug and I took a seat. That is when something out of place happened. The gentleman started rubbing my shoulders and grabbed my mini-drifter, now it has been a long time since someone has touched me there, so at first I was about to go ahead and go with it, its been a long time. Then I got to thinking, wait do I want this guy to be the last experience I have? What if I don't get some for like another 5 years, I will always be seeing that cowboy hat on my stomach when I take care of myself. I politely  stood up, with my legs, and headed for the door, "adios" I said, and the bus arrived. I went to town and drank some beers and watched the game, even attempted to talk to some girls, I was after all already warmed up. I failed and returned to the house. Remember if a strange drunk man  tries to get you into his house its, probably not for drugs. Do not go home with strange drunk guys, Other than me. I Love You all.


  1. David, that is some good advice. We love you too!

  2. This is seriously why you need me as your wingman, I am your angel when you think about it, I keep you out of trouble.
    Love ye mate

  3. well it certainly seems you've found your trouble. poor guy, and you didn't even get any drugs. ah well, at least you got a free beer.